VC 130-1: Durable electrotechnician’s helper

Easily locates live wires with a contactless NCV sensor or helps you measure your application consumption even if it is negligible in the uA.
This is an archive article published 12/06/2018. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

This measuring device belongs to the category of cheaper multimeters, yet it is equipped with features that are not so common.

Display of the measured values is performed on a synoptic LCD display with a maximum displayed value of 1999. VC130-1 has a rack and durable rubberized cover, so it holds well in place and does not tend to slip on the work surface when handling the measuring spikes.

A standard rotary dial with fixed ranges is used to select measuring ranges. The layout of the sockets for measuring tips into which a reduction for the HFE transistor measurement can be placed is a little bit atypical. Measuring tips include plastic covers that prevent unwanted shortness (touch) when measuring.

Regarding interesting features, we should definitely mention NCV (Non-Contact Voltage) contactless NCV detection (NCV), which allows you to search for conductors under voltage (230V) at a distance of 5mm. The presence of the voltage is detected by the sensor at the top of the device (figure 1), and the sound signal goes off when the voltage is detected. Therefore, it is not necessary to monitor the device display.

Another interesting feature is the current measurement. Common measuring devices usually have the lowest range of 200mA. Here ranges are available from 200uA. On this range, VC130-1 has a resolution of 0.1uA. It is thus ideally suited for measuring very small currents.

Other features are common, so single and alternating voltage measurement is not missing, there is also resistance measurement up to 20MΩ and diode test with sound signalling of conductivity. The feature that everyone sometimes appreciates is HOLD that freezes the current display value.

In conclusion, this measuring device is suitable for both common amateur measurement and also professionals who require a high quality and durable multimeter for everyday work.

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Technical features:

  • Input resistance (impedance): DC higher than 10 MΩ / AC higher than 4,5 MΩ
  • Measurement frequency: 2-3 measures per second
  • Length of measuring cables: 75 cm
  • Power supply: Battery 9 V
  • Weight: approx. 200 g
  • Measuring ranges:
  • DC voltage: 200 mV, 2000 mV, 20 V, 200 V a 250 V
  • AC voltage: 200 V a 250 V
  • DC current: 200 uA, 2000 uA, 20 mA, 200 mA a 10 A
  • Resistance: 200 Ω, 2000 Ω, 20K Ω, 200K Ω a 20M Ω
  • Diode test: Test voltage 3 V
  • Test of transistors: hFE 0-1000

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Ord. No.: 205765
Manufacturer: VOLTCRAFT
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