Great contrast, fast response, long lifetime. Discover Winstar displays.

We have expanded our stock range by 2 popular Winstar character OLED displays, which you may find interesting also for your application. Even if you have only minimal experience with displays and use a less powerful microcontroller. (reading for 3 minutes)

Great contrast, fast response, long lifetime. Discover Winstar displays.
You probably already know character displays, their principle and use, maybe even from our previous articles, such as Replace the character LCD module with an OLED alternative or our post 6 reasons why the character display is still in the course, which deals with character displays more generally.

Advantages of character OLED displays

Character displays have indeed been on the market for decades, but there has been a significant shift in this area in recent years as more and more customers use their OLED alternative.

There can be several reasons for this change:

  • amazing contrast, 
  • ideal viewing angles, 
  • trouble-free operation even in frost and at high temperatures, 
  • and extremely fast response time.

And since the display is generally one of the first to be seen on the device, the modern OLED version can be, in addition to the already mentioned benefits, one of the factors in the success of selling the device - only because the OLED display simply looks more "high-tech".

Wide range, good readability and long lifetime

That is why we are constantly expanding our stock offer of character as well as graphic OLED modules.

For character displays, there is generally the widest range of the following types on the market:

  • 16 x 2 (i.e., 2 lines of 16 characters)
  • 20 x 2 
  • 20 x 4 
  • 40 x 2

It is still true that the most popular and most recommended are the yellow and white types, and it is no coincidence. It is these colour versions that subjectively have the best readability for the human eye and also have the longest electrical life. So, we can say that the life of an OLED panel also depends on its colour.

At the same time, similarly to the classic character modules in LCD technology, also in the case of OLED modules, types with different character sizes are available on the market - i.e. for example, the classic 16 x 2 display can actually be obtained in a relatively wide range of sizes. 

Great contrast, fast response, long lifetime. Discover Winstar displays.

New Winstar character OLED displays in our range

The latest additions to our warehouse include two standard character OLED displays from Winstar, which we have added to our range based on several of your requests for a 5.55 mm character height for good readability of the displayed texts.

  • WEH004002ALPP5N00100 – character OLED module type 40 x 2, yellow, 5 V. Due to the large number of characters per line (40), you will also display a relatively long accompanying text on such a display. But it can also be, for example, a rotating text with comprehensive information.

  •  WEH001602EWPP5N00100 – character OLED module type 16 x 2, white, 5 V. It is the industry standard for displaying basic information - probably the world's best-selling character display configuration.

Basic characteristics of both types:

  • operating temperature range -40 to +80 °C
  • SPI/MPU 6800 communication interface, 
  • their operation is ensured by the WS0010-TX controller, 
  • character height 5.55 mm - a proven standard with good readability.

Easy migration from LCD to OLED

Also, in the case of these two displays, the mechanical concept of the modules is based on older LCD types (WH4002A, WH1602A), which significantly facilitates possible migration from LCD types to OLEDs in existing equipment (of course, after SW modification and electrical requirements of OLED modules being taken into consideration).

To help those who do not yet have extensive experience with displays, we send a short demo code in C language (a demonstration of the initialization of the selected display depending on the communication interface) for most types of character and graphics modules upon request.

There are many different types and versions of OLED modules on the market. Therefore, if you did not find the type you need in our offer of OLED character displays, do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks to our relationships directly with the manufacturers, we can usually provide you with a selected or alternative display under advantageous conditions.

You can find more information about Winstar products on our website. If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you at

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