Ms. Beatriz Soriano Moraňo, purchaser, EuroTronix, Spain
Agradecemos sinceramente la colaboración con la empresa SOS electronic s.r.o, por su eficiencia y rápidez en servicio. Siempre que hemos tenido la necesidad de algún producto específico, todo su personal se ha volcado con nosotros para dar solución a nuestras necesidades. Es sin duda un colaborador a tener en cuenta.”

Mr. Christoph Häfner, purchasing manager, Ermasol Electronics S.L., Spain
Muchas gracias al equipo de SOSelectronic por el gran trabajo. Buen servicio con precios acceptables y suministro a tiempo.

Mr. Alfonso Morillas, Administración - RRHH, TECSELOR, S.L., Spain
Podemos confirmar desde Tecselor, nuestra satisfacción con la nueva página web de SOS electronic, nos facilita el trabajo y presenta una forma de trabajar cómoda y segura. Además, pone a disposición del cliente la consulta de nuevo material, acompañado de un buen servicio técnico. Como cliente, totalmente recomendado.

Antibiotice SA, Ionel Susanu, Romanie
We thank you very much for your attention and professionalism.

Ms. Selina, procurement manager, BlueBlueVisioin Ltd., Taiwan
SOS electronic is a very reliable partner who provides prompt and professional responses; the most valuable is that they always put the customers’ best interest first.

Mr. Marc Lajoie, purchaser, Les Escalteurs Atlas Inc., Canada
We purchase special wire terminals from this distributor, OEM type of agreement and pricing. Despite the high quantity we use (5000 pcs per order), all is well packaged direct from factory.
My contact is Michaela Ficova, and my dealings with this company over the past year has been nothing short of excellent. I never had to return anything so I can’t answer as to how they handle RMA’s but I would be surprised if they would cause any problems on that end unless it’s a non-returnable/non-cancellable item.
They are pleasant to work with and the fact that they are located in Slovakia did not cause any communication issues.
Thumbs up for me!

Mr. Udo Korsmit, manager, Korsmit Production Improvement / Korsmit Rally Electronics, Netherlands
You always are willing to help, have good and fast responses, very competitive prices and to keep your promises! Sometimes items have certain delivery times which is logical but you always keep your promise or do even better.. I rather have the real delivery times that are kept than people that promise better delivery times but in the end always deliver too late...
I am a happy customer and the only thing that I sometimes regret is that although you have a very big amount of products, sometimes I need things that you do not have. I want to reduce the amount of suppliers and buy more from fewer suppliers and you are for sure the one i want to buy more from...

Mrs. Elka Georgieva, sales manager, Comet Electronics, Bulgaria
“Thank you” for the kind support, fast and adequate reaction and friendly attitude!
It is always quite helpful to find the items you are looking for, with good price in an EU country with fast delivery. The good news is that we can check items which we also have in our line card, but have no stock, as well as items which are not included in our stock list, expanding the list of items we can offer to our customers.
The website is well organized and easy to use, providing various information about products, stock availability, pricing. Hope in future to continue finding points of common interest!

Mrs. Olena Tymchenko, purchasing manager, Altway (UK) Ltd., Great Britain
I can confirm that SOS Electronic provide high level service.
- Company representatives are well educated.
- Managers responds to inquiries in a timely manner.
- Company staff is knowledgeable,professional and responsible.

Overall, we are satisfied with the way SOS Electronic is performing each project.

Mr. Cesar Dias, private person, Portugal
I'm very satisfied with SOS products that I have buying for some years now!
Reasonable prices and quite fast delivery.
That's why I come back again and again adding some new products on every new order I place.

Ralph Tischer/ Electronic Assembly
En 2020, SOS electronic ha sido nombrado de nuevo el "Mejor distribuidor" del año. Este éxito se basa en una sólida asociación que ya dura 18 años. SOS nos suministra la mayoría de productos de visualización, táctiles y de HMI, y aporta un servicio extraordinario a los clientes.

Daniel Gehrig/ Area Sales Manager/ TRACO POWER
SOS electronic and Traco Power are historical partners. All it started in its origin location in Slovakia with geographical expansion step by step. Today, SOS promotes successfully TRACO POWER products in a huge European region with local offices to support its customers in commercial and technical aspects. Hopefully this valuable and beneficial partnership continues for many more years.

Russell Irvine/ Account Manager/ Europe, Hammond
The knowledge SOS electronic have of Hammond products, markets and customers, have been key factors in our growth together. With their enthusiasm and desire to be the best they can be for the customers, we are excited for the future and looking forward to working together to bring even greater success for both Hammond and SOS.

Antonio Sassi/ Euroclamp
SOS electronic is a very active distributor that provides one of the utmost quality service. The relationship is based on clear communication and great assistance for customers and suppliers. We always experienced high responsiveness and eagerness to offer the best support.

Henri Parmentier/ Sales VP of TechNexion
SOS electronic is a key distributor of embedded systems in Eastern Europe. They have a strong vision for supporting IoT device makers which syncs with our own commitment and new range of products we have developed for IoT. We are looking forward to working with them to drive the sector forward.

Candice Lai/ ATTEND
We are pleased to have SOS electronic to be our distributor. As a very professional team, you did a remarkable job to promote ATTEND's business development in Europe. SOS electronic are fully understand ATTEND’s target markets and customers. You are also greatly enhance our brand awareness in Europe market. We are pleased to have a partner like you. SOS has an excellent and trustworthy sales and marketing team.

Markku Riihonen/ Product & Business Development Manager/ 4D SYSTEMS
4D Systems has worked with SOS as a valued distribution partner in Europe since 2011. SOS is able to reach out to many customers with its local presence in many countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, and thus generate valuable client relationships that last. We are very pleased to be working with partners like SOS and look forward to close cooperation for many years to come.

Rika Parve/ Inside Sales & Marketing Coordinator/ MEC
Throughout the years SOS electronic has proven to be a professional partner by having feet on the ground with the customers and promoting MEC switches through targeted marketing activities.

Maciej Talalaj/ Sales Manager/ AAEON
AAEON decided to sign a distribution agreement with SOS electronic, because of their good knowledge of embedded market, highly qualified technical Team, and superb relationship with customers. I consider SOS Electronic as a company, which can support projects on commercial and technical levels, from the earliest stage to the very end.

Sammi Chen/ APACER
SOS electronic is a trustworthy Partner with great team on board. There are number of Distributors on the market, but SOS is one of best ones. Apacer has a long term cooperation and relationship is growing by the year. SOS - invest with confidence.

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