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Manufacturer FIGARO
Founded in 1962, Figaro Engineering using its innovative gas sensing technologies, globally provides cost-effective gas sensing solutions for a wide range of applications in the fields of home and personal safety, industrial safety, air quality control, HVAC, home appliances, and the automotive industry.
  • pioneering company in the gas sensors development and production
  • wide range of high quality sensors
  • sensors available for all common gases
Did you know?
Figaro's advanced high-volume production facilities are ready to meet all your gas sensor needs. Popular applications of Figaro Gas Sensors include residential gas and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, breath alcohol analyzers, carbon dioxide (CO2) monitoring and many other. Figaro sensors are able to detect all common kinds of gases like Alcohol, Ammonia, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, General air contaminants, Halocarbon gas, Hydrogen, Hydrogen sulfide, LP gas, Methane, Oxygen and Solvent vapors.
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And where´s the oxygen?

With the Figaro sensors, it´s possible to determine an oxygen concentration accurately and reliably.


Gas detection? It´s also possible in a simpler way…

To monitor dangerous gases concentration with ready-made calibrated modules USM 5.1 series is a breeze.


Do you ventilate sufficiently? - with the CO2 monitor CDM4161a it can be found immediately

Carbon dioxide concentration in a closed room increases very quickly. With the Figaro CDM4161a calibrated module it can be checked simply and reliably.


Protect health of people by Figaro sensors

Gases like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are dangerous gases, which however can be easily detected.

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