FINDER is a very experienced company founded in 1954 specialising in relays and timers. Finder produced over 10 000 different products. All development and production is in Europe – Italy, France and Spain. Main portfolio consists of plug-in / PCB Relays, relay interface modules, timers and monitoring relays and products for residential and commercial applications.

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FUN but REAL: Manually or lying down

Yes, these are your options when you want to set time relay of 12.51 series from Finder producer.

Multi-pole industrial relays provide more possibilities

Switching of three-phase motors or a realization of a sophisticated installation is a breeze with industrial relays Finder.

With a step relay Finder 26 can be saved energy and also installation costs

Compact installation step relays Finder 26 series save energy similarly like latching, but they also operate on AC voltage.

Thermostats Finder ensure a thermal comfort to your devices

Beauty in simplicity - adjustable bimetal thermostat operates independently from a power supply.

SOS cinema

Finder Master INTERFACE

Uploaded on server: 14.03.2013

SOS cinema

Finder motion detectors

Uploaded on server: 10.04.2014

SOS cinema

Finder 12.51. - NFC controllable relay

Uploaded on server: 26.11.2015

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  • EU made products
  • very good price/performance ratio
  • short delivery terms
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Finder products feature a very good price performance ratio and also very important – stable availability and short delivery terms.



in stock 11 pcs


Power supply connectors

Power socket for DIN rail light grey 16A/250Vac LED ind.

Ord.number: 153175
Product info: S


1 pcs+ 5,5000 €

3 pcs+ 5,0900 €

10 pcs+ 4,7900 €

25 pcs+ 4,3500 €

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Currently available 21 pcs
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Relays - Sockets and Accessories

Jumper link 20way 36A/250V for socket 93.01

Ord.number: 53469
Product info: S


1 pcs+ 2,2320 €

2 pcs+ 2,1080 €

10 pcs+ 1,8600 €

50 pcs+ 1,7360 €

150 pcs+ 1,6120 €

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