FTDI – located in Glasgow/UK, are specialists in converting peripherals with FIFO/UART and other industrial interfaces to Universal Serial Bus (USB). They offer the easiest route to USB migration by combining USB Serial (USB RS232) and USB FIFO silicon solutions.

Manufacturer's articles

FTDI CleO35 - ready for embedding CE and FCC certified module

FTDI’s CleO35 is simple to program, 3.5 inch 320x480 TFT display with resistive touch panel that allows the construction of human machine interfaces (HMIs) with much higher performance than conventional Arduino display shields are able to deliver.

NerO - Arduino UNO R3 Compatible Board with Enhancements

NerO is dealing with the fundamental drawbacks of the widely-used Arduino UNO R3 – inefficient onboard linear voltage regulator.

Microcontrollers with USB interface are common, but…

FTDI.FT-X series USB to serial bridges can be still reasonable option even for today.

Do you need program the USB HID class? No longer need

The FTDI FT260 implements entire USB protocol for human interface device (HID) class on the chip and provides USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps) connectivity for broad range of peripherals communicates through I2C or UART.

SOS cinema

FTDI Vinculum-II Webcam Application

Uploaded on server: 31.10.2011

SOS cinema

FTDI VINCO Voltmeter demo

Uploaded on server: 31.10.2011

SOS cinema

FTDI Robot Demonstration January 2012

Uploaded on server: 05.03.2012

SOS cinema

FTDI on Embedded World 2013

Uploaded on server: 11.03.2013

SOS cinema

Learn about new possibilities of USB connectivity with FTDI X-chip

Uploaded on server: 06.05.2013

SOS cinema


Uploaded on server: 05.09.2013

SOS cinema

SOS webinar: Program your displays in a split second with FTDI EVE FT800

Uploaded on server: 10.10.2013

SOS cinema

FT801 video chip with capacitive touch screen support

Uploaded on server: 06.11.2014

SOS cinema

FTDI FT600 series

Uploaded on server: 01.12.2015

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  • very popular easy to use USB connectivity ICs and modules
  • extensive customer support
  • royalty free drivers
Did you know?

FTDI’s USB to serial UART interface devices simplifies USB to serial designs. Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers cause the USB device to appear as an additional COM port available to the PC. Application software can access the USB device in the same way as it would access a standard COM port. A common feature of all FTDI products is an extensive support and royalty free USB drivers. FTDI's "total" solutions offer reduced development and debug costs and a fast time to market. FTDI products are very popular because of their simple incorporation into a target device, providing a full USB connectivity of a target device in a very short time.



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ICs Interface - FTDI

USB to 8-bit FIFO Interface SSOP24 Tube (not offered in your region)

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Development tools

Vinculo (VNC2) development module (not offered in your region)

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