BELDEN (HIRSCHMANN) is a dynamic and an innovate company with a vast product portfolio for effective signal transmission solutions including data cables, connectors, I/O modules and network equipment. Belden´s global product brands include Hirschmann and Lumberg Automation.

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Do you know Hirschman ST industrial connectors?

Power supplying, control, but also signal transmission from various sensors can be confided to ST series connectors.

17 in 1 - these are the multi-pole connectors Hirschmann CM

Water, dust, mud, chemicals,... multi-pole industrial connectors Hirschmann CM will handle it easily.

A connection resistant to dust and water - Hirschmann CA series

If you want to have a certainty, that you´ve done a maximum for security of your connections, use the CA series connectors Hirschmann. Also this way can the features of these connectors be summarized.

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  • global company with extensive know-how and experience
  • widely used industrial standard products
  • top quality components
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Belden (HIRSCHMANN) is for over 100 years a world-class supplier with a comprehensive portfolio of wires and cables, connectivity and networking products for the transmission of signals for data, sound and video applications. Hirschmann Automation and Control, founded in 1924- Esslingen/ Germany is the technology and market leader in industrial networking. Hirschmann Automation and Control offers a complete, integrated structure for data communication, automation and control systems. Hirschmann industrial connectors are widely used for various sensors and data acquisition systems.



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GDM3016BLACK (934395100)

Rectangular industry connectors

Cable Socket with central screw M 3x35 3P+PE Black

Ord.number: 191990


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10 pcs+ 3,6800 €

50 pcs+ 3,2200 €

200 pcs+ 2,8200 €

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STAK 200 grau

Rectangular industry connectors

Rectangular Industry Connector F 2P+PE, IP54

Ord.number: 36560


1 pcs+ 5,0300 €

3 pcs+ 4,6500 €

10 pcs+ 4,3800 €

100 pcs+ 3,7000 €

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