With the acquisition of the complete product- line HIRSCHMANN Test & Measurement by SKS-Kontakttechnik in 2006, the decenniums established branded products are being continued with professional competence an inventiveness.

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SKS testing lead will be your favorites

We bring you basic useful accessory of every development and testing workplace - measuring and testing leads in the best available quality.

Even a miniature testing clamp can handle 1000V

New 2mm safety system SKS-Hirschmann for measuring and testing will serve even in tight spaces, on densily populated PCBs and similar.

Will you make your measuring easier too?

We´ve drawn by lots twenty winners of SKS-Hirschmann test probes, are you one of them?

SKS - measuring and testing with pleasure

Testing probes, clips, cables and other products of company SKS enable simpler and more effective testing and development.

Do you need help?
  • global company with extensive know-how and experience
  • widely used industrial standard products
  • top quality components
Did you know?

1926 ended an idea in one of the 100 most significant patents of the German industry in 20th century. The invention of Richard Hirschmann had a deep influence on connection technology for all measuring and testing tasks of electronics in all fields of life since then. With the purchase of complete product range , we want to lead an direction signed idea of 20th century into the 21st century an develop it purposefully in the interest of our customers and together with them. The brand means for us an obligation to an ingenious inventor to your advantage.


in stock 150 pcs

AGF 20

Alligator clips

Alligator Clip 49mm Uninsulated, Jack 4mm

Ord.number: 36685
Product info: S


4 pcs+ 0,6410 €

8 pcs+ 0,6210 €

20 pcs+ 0,5800 €

100 pcs+ 0,5350 €

500 pcs+ 0,4690 €

in stock 270 pcs

AGS 20

Alligator clips

Alligator Clip 49,5mm Uninsulated, Jack 4mm

Ord.number: 38870
Product info: S


5 pcs+ 0,4410 €

10 pcs+ 0,4270 €

50 pcs+ 0,3860 €

250 pcs+ 0,3380 €

750 pcs+ 0,3200 €

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