IQRF is a a complete technology for wireless connectivity. IQRF is a platform for low speed, low power, reliable and easy to use wireless connectivity usable with any electronic equipment. Transceiver modules with built-in operating system enable a Direct Peripheral Addressing (DPA) enbaling extremely easy construction of wireless networks.

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Record from SOS webinar - DCTR-72DA transmits data up to 600m distance

Webinar with IQRF was about how to transmits data up to 600m distance. Did you miss our webinar? Watch the video - record...

IQRF module TR72D communicates at up to 600m distance

Higher RF power, GMSK modulation and extra low power consumption make a new communication module interesting even for rough conditions.

Record from SOS webinar - How can you make a wireless device from your product? It‘s simple!

Record attendance and development sets for great prices. Webinar with IQRF about wireless solutions was also about this.

SOS webinar: IQRF in practice – How to make your product wireless. Simply!

Practical demonstration of development of your wireless solution with IQRF Data Controlled Transceivers and IQRF development tools.

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  • a complete technology for wireless connectivity
  • RF bands: world-wide ISM 433 MHz, 868 MHz and 916 MHz
  • Based on transceiver modules with built-in operating system (OS)
  • Fully open functionality depends solely on user-specific application written in C language
  • Packet-oriented communication, max. 64 B per packet
  • Range up to several 700 meters per hop, up to 240 hops per packet
  • Extra low power consumption
  • Low bit rate: 19.2 kb/s. Preliminary: 1.2 kb/s, 57.6 kb/s and 86.2 kb/s
  • Supporting MESH, IQMESH protocol implemented in OS
  • No license fees
  • Very easy to implement
Did you know?

The most popular ISM band for WMN seems to be the 2.4 GHz ISM band. Its worldwide availability is attractive and promises a lot of benefits. Achievability of relatively high transmitting power seems to be advantageous, and it is a nice tool for engineers looking for simple solutions. However, there are some interrelations and limitations, e.g. between wavelength and the ability of radio wave to penetrate walls. Our world is full of walls, which is why 2.4 GHz (marketing driven) enthusiasm has slightly decreased and new ISM subGHz bands were re-discovered shortly after the first low power WMNs (wireless MESH networks) had been practically tested.


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RF Modules

Transceiver FM 868/916MHz +11dBm 19,2Kbps +3,1÷5,3V/22mA PCB Antenna Temp.Sensor

Ord.number: 191720
Product info: S


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Development Kit to Communication module

Development Set START w/ 3 Devices

Ord.number: 204567
Product info: S


1 pcs+ 144,0000 €

5 pcs+ 134,1000 €

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