JAUCH QUARTZ Group, founded in 1964/ Germany, is a highly specialized company developing and producing crystals and crystal oscillators. Top quality crystals from Jauch are used all over the world, from simple to the most innovative high-tech applications.

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MEMS – an alternative to quartz crystal oscillators

MEMS – an alternative to quartz crystal oscillators

Jauch MEMS (Micro-electro-mechanical systems) oscillators offer an attractive combination of low power consumption, small size, high performance and extremely high reliability, shock and vibration resistance that make them ideal for numerous applications, especially in portable and wearable electronics.

Jauch - refined like a crystal

Jauch - refined like a crystal

Crystals and crystals oscillators from German company Jauch belong to the best what´s available on the market.

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Jauch provides a comprehensive range of quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, SAW filters and SAW resonators. Many products are also available in versions meeting automotive, military and space specifications. High quality range extends from frequency control products for standard operating conditions to high-stability, shockproof components that are capable of operating under the most extreme conditions. Jauch products provide high reliability even in the most demanding environments.


Q-18,432-SS3-30-30/50-T1 JAUCH

in stock 864 pcs


Quartz Crystals

Crystal PIN Full Metal 11,3x4,7x3,6mm

Ord.number: 134985
Special offer


5 pcs+ 0,5600 €

10 pcs+ 0,5420 €

25 pcs+ 0,5070 €

100 pcs+ 0,4730 €

250 pcs+ 0,4290 €

Q-22,1184-SMU2-30-30/100-T1 JAUCH

in stock 600 pcs


Quartz Crystals

Crystal SMD Full Metal 11,5x4,8x3,0mm

Ord.number: 60026
Special offer


5 pcs+ 0,2750 €

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