LANTRONIX®, Inc. was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Irvine, California/USA. It is a global leader in secure communication technologies that simplify remote access, management, and control of virtually any electronic device regardless of location. Its products, like Xport - original fully-integrated embedded networking server, have gained an international reputation.

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PremierWave 2050 - the "Golden Gate Bridge" into IoT world

If you need an industry grade, reliable and feature reach WiFi to Ethernet bridge for your application, the PW2050 is the right choise for you.

Mix as a DJ with SLC8000

Advanced Modular Console Manager can be customized however you want.

xPico WiFi SMT doesn´t require connector neither antenna

High mechanical stability is one of benefits of a new „SMT“ version of the popular Lantronix xPico WiFi module.

SOS webinar - Be online with xPico Wifi

Lantronix has started the autumn series of webinars and it has been a success also because of 85 participants who were "online" thanks to xPico Wifi.

SOS cinema

Lantronix XPort Pro

Uploaded on server: 28.10.2011

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Lantronix xPrintServer

Uploaded on server: 21.12.2011

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SOS electronic PizzaWorkshop - Lantronix Xport Pro

Uploaded on server: 24.07.2012

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SOS electronic PizzaWorkshop - Lantronix xPort, xPico

Uploaded on server: 04.10.2012

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Lantronix on Embedded World 2013

Uploaded on server: 11.03.2013

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SOS electronic Webinar - Be online with the Lantronix xPico Wifi

Uploaded on server: 12.09.2013

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LANTRONIX SLC800 - Introduction

Uploaded on server: 18.09.2015

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Lantronix SLC8000 - Key Features

Uploaded on server: 24.09.2015

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Lantronix Premier Wave 2050

Uploaded on server: 12.07.2016

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  • one of the world leaders in networking
  • products for fast and easy network-enabling of your device
  • top features, small dimensions
  • above-standard customer support
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Lantronix innovative solutions enable businesses to make better decisions based on real-time information and are utilized in almost every vertical market including: security, building and industrial automation, medical/healthcare, IT/data center, government, transportation, retail, power and utilities, and many others.



in stock 36 pcs


Development Kit to Communication module

xPico Wi-Fi-IEEE 802.11 b/g/n On module Antenna Evaluation Kit w/ Module

Ord.number: 204675
Product info: A


1 pcs+ 46,0765 €

in stock 3 pcs



SecureLinx SpiderDuo 1 port KVM-over-IP, USB

Ord.number: 115526
Product info: S


1 pcs+ 360,0000 €

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