MYRRA is the France based company founded in 1987 with production plants in France, Poland and China. Myrra specialises on safety plastic moulded transformers, transformers for switch-mode power supplies, inductors, EMI suppression chokes and common mode chokes.

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AC/DC isn´t only name of a famous rock band

Myrra adds more power, 7.5W and 10W AC/DC converters for PCB mounting with 3.3-24VDC output voltage now available.

Transformer classic or an electronic one?

If we´re deciding whether to use a classic transformer or better a modern electronic switch-mode power supply (SMPS), it´s good to realize pros and cons of both technologies.

30 of you already test the Myrra 47000 modules for free

Switch-mode power supplies are very perspective, what was testified by your participation in our contest for a sample of these power supplies.

In the 12th month of 2012 we add to stock 12 new types of Myrra 47000

Because of a growing interest in switch-mode AC/DC modules Myrra 47000 series, you can find another types in our stock immediately available.

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  • company specialized on transformers and coils
  • high reliability and safety of products
Did you know?

Myrra transformers are carefully designed for a given power range, offering low losses, high reliability and safety. In the production range we can find transformers of EI type, as well as low profile UI type. All transformers are vacuum-filled with self-extinguishing UL-94 V0 resin.



in stock 470 pcs


Power Transformers

PCB Mount Transformer EI48-16,8 1x9V 10VA 230V

Ord.number: 172421
Product info: A


1 pcs+ 2,5322 €

in stock 3 pcs


Transformers for SMPS

Transformer-switch. power supplies EF20 20W 5V/5V VDE

Ord.number: 137447
Product info: A


1 pcs+ 1,2921 €

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