Since its establishment in 1933 as Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co., OMRON has supported industry with innovative solutions and advanced technologies. Omron's electronic component business makes full use of state-of-the-art technology.
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  • innovative Japan company with over 85 years history
  • globally known widely used components
  • top quality and reliable components
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With over 35 000 employees Omron supplies the world with innovative electronic and mechanical components that create smooth interfaces between people and machines, supporting ubiquitous computing. To Omron products belong for example switches, solid state relays (SSR), electromechanical relays, inductive and capacitive proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, timers and many other programmable devices for industry automation.
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Induction sensors don´t need a touch, they´re satisfied by proximity

Induction sensors don´t need a touch, they´re satisfied by proximity

Proximity sensors working on an induction principle are able to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals very reliably.

Omron relays and switches

Omron relays and switches

Omron Components is a world-class business delivering a wide range of high quality, high performance components utilising latest technologies and backed by full technical, applications and logistical support.

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