SCHURTER is an internationally leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products. The company was founded by Heinrich Schurter in 1933. All activities are centralized into the Schurter Holding AG based in Lucerne/Switzerland since 1990.
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  • highly specialised company with a big experience
  • top quality products
  • components meet applicable international safety standards
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Schurter produces a wide range of fuses and protective components like telecom fuses, resettable fuses, varistors, fuseholders, power entry modules with and without filters, over- and under-voltage protection.
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Stay safe with the final authority of Schurter thermal fuses

Stay safe with the final authority of Schurter thermal fuses

Modern electronics contain more and more powerful components built into the smallest possible space which can end up with a thermal runaway that destroys components and can potentially lead to a fire. Schurter RTS thermal fuses offer a solution.

With or without filter?

With or without filter?

If your device is in a metal enclosure, is mains powered and consumes up to 10A, then AC power entry module with integrated EMC filter is the optimal solution for you.

How does the EMC Filter work?

How does the EMC Filter work?

Swiss company Schurter offers EMC filters, common mode chokes, as well as filters integrated with inlet, switch and fuse. Typical EMC filter contains common mode choke and X and Y class capacitors. But how does it work?

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Thermal Protection with RTS Series

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Schurter MSM LA Series

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