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Wind of Change Still Blowing SUNON

Wind of Change Still Blowing

During 2009, SUNON began to produce a new generation of fans to replace the popular series of KD (DC with sleeve or ball bearing) and KDE (DC with VAPO bearing). That it is really a generational change is also evidenced by the fact that new products have completely changed marking.

MEDER - Manufacturer of Reed Relays, Reed Sensors, Reed Switches STANDEX-MEDER

MEDER - Manufacturer of Reed Relays, Reed Sensors, Reed Switches

Our partner MEDER electronic is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of Reed Sensing and Reed Switching solutions with a selection from hundreds of Reed Switches, Reed Relays, Reed Sensors and Level Floats in highest quality.

Schurter Circuit Breakers SCHURTER

Schurter Circuit Breakers

SCHURTER introduces an additional actuator to its exisiting and successful TA35 circuit breaker series. This new actuator provides a grip and turn style knob, which is ideal for switching with gloves or where longer feedback is desired. The design allows for customer specific colored faceplates and knob designs.

Installation as quick as lightning WAGO

Installation as quick as lightning

PCB Terminal Blocks with Cage Clamp The CAGE CLAMP® is a universal clamping system for solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors with rated cross sections from AWG 28 to 2 (0.08 mm to 35 mm).



WAGO X-COM® SYSTEM Our possibilities - your benefits. The WAGO X-COM®-SYSTEM, a fusion of connectors and rail-mounted terminal blocks, has grown to become a building block for universal system wiring since being introduced onto the market in 1997. This system makes all current rail-mounted terminal block functionalities suitable for plug and play applications. Even components that are not mounted on a TS 35 carrier rail can be easily incorporated into existing system wiring using the X-COM-SYSTEM®.

Multi connection system MIDI WAGO

Multi connection system MIDI

Multi connection system MIDI series 231 and 232 - is suitable for a wide range of electrical equipment with quick, easy and transparent combination of different electric modules.

Indel Transformers

Indel Transformers

New products in stock.<br> INDEL specializes in the production of transformers, inductive elements, power packs and electronic devices.

STEC11 and STEC12 Series of APLS encoders

STEC11 and STEC12 Series of APLS encoders

Encoders are more often used in digital, audio-video and measuring devices nowadays so SOS electronic has decided to extend this product range of ALPS encoders.

Precision Switching Snap-action Switch 1050 MARQUARDT

Precision Switching Snap-action Switch 1050

With the enclosed snap-action switch of the 1050 series the Marquardt engineers have developed a small, reliable switch with changeover, normally open and normally closed contacts. The switch complies with the DIN 41635 Form B design and guarantees maximum functional reliability with a draw spring switching system. The switch which is available with plug-in, solder and various pcb terminals also switches with very high precision at a maximum rating of 10 (1.5) A for a very long time (10E6 mechanical cycles).

Plug-In Connectors Euroclamp EUROCLAMP

Plug-In Connectors Euroclamp

We are pleased to introduce here EUROCLAMP Plug-In Connectors. You can save value up to 50% in compare with competitive products from PTR, SAURO or RIA.

And there is a light at the end... MARQUARDT

And there is a light at the end...

Marquardt presents miniature toggle switches with luminous lever or with LED at the end of the lever.

Series 1930 - Double Pole Rocker Switches with IP65 MARQUARDT

Series 1930 - Double Pole Rocker Switches with IP65

Modern rocker design with integrated seal for dust and splash water proofing up to IP 65.

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