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Multi connection system MIDI WAGO

Multi connection system MIDI

Multi connection system MIDI series 231 and 232 - is suitable for a wide range of electrical equipment with quick, easy and transparent combination of different electric modules.

Indel Transformers

Indel Transformers

New products in stock.<br> INDEL specializes in the production of transformers, inductive elements, power packs and electronic devices.

STEC11 and STEC12 Series of APLS encoders

STEC11 and STEC12 Series of APLS encoders

Encoders are more often used in digital, audio-video and measuring devices nowadays so SOS electronic has decided to extend this product range of ALPS encoders.

Precision Switching Snap-action Switch 1050 MARQUARDT

Precision Switching Snap-action Switch 1050

With the enclosed snap-action switch of the 1050 series the Marquardt engineers have developed a small, reliable switch with changeover, normally open and normally closed contacts. The switch complies with the DIN 41635 Form B design and guarantees maximum functional reliability with a draw spring switching system. The switch which is available with plug-in, solder and various pcb terminals also switches with very high precision at a maximum rating of 10 (1.5) A for a very long time (10E6 mechanical cycles).

Plug-In Connectors Euroclamp EUROCLAMP

Plug-In Connectors Euroclamp

We are pleased to introduce here EUROCLAMP Plug-In Connectors. You can save value up to 50% in compare with competitive products from PTR, SAURO or RIA.

And there is a light at the end... MARQUARDT

And there is a light at the end...

Marquardt presents miniature toggle switches with luminous lever or with LED at the end of the lever.

Series 1930 - Double Pole Rocker Switches with IP65 MARQUARDT

Series 1930 - Double Pole Rocker Switches with IP65

Modern rocker design with integrated seal for dust and splash water proofing up to IP 65.

A little movement brings great changes MARQUARDT

A little movement brings great changes

Series 9078 from Marquardt – that is subminiature slide switch, single pole and double pole, sealed terminals, 100mA, 30V DC.

FTR-LY extra slim Fujitsu relay FUJITSU

FTR-LY extra slim Fujitsu relay

Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. added to its power relay line a miniature 6A-class device with high-sensitivity properties for industrial and programmable logic controller applications.

MagLev System from Sunon SUNON

MagLev System from Sunon

For decades, friction and noise have been the root defects for conventional fan motors. Usually after long-term operation, abrasions would be caused by the rub between the shaft and the inner surface of the bearing, creating the noise and sway common in many convention fan motors. Sunonwealth has been dedicated to the development of a new motor structure to breakthrough this impasse and root out the imperfections of conventional fan motors. From this commitment and background MagLev has come in to its own.

Omron relays and switches OMRON

Omron relays and switches

Omron Components is a world-class business delivering a wide range of high quality, high performance components utilising latest technologies and backed by full technical, applications and logistical support.

Low-profile Power Relay FTR-K1 FUJITSU

Low-profile Power Relay FTR-K1

Fujitsu Components Europe B.V. released a new low profile, high-power relay that is 39 percent smaller and consumes 42 – 52 percent less power than the company’s previous VSB relay.

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