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Manufacturer SENSIRION
Sensirion is a leading Swiss high-tech company with headquarters in Stäfa. Highly skilled team of more than 250 employees develops and produces high-quality sensor components and systems for a variety of OEM applications. Sensirion owes its success to its unique and innovative CMOSens® Technology (30 patents).
  • excellent reliability and long-term stability
  • low power consumption and very small sensor dimensions
  • each humidity and temperature sensor is individually calibrated by manufacturer
Why choose SOS electronic?
  • We are an authorized distributor of Sensirion products with representation in 7 European countries.
  • We sell components with a guaranty of reliable source.
  • We offer technical support
  • We have high packaging standards for industrial customers.
  • We offer wholesale discounts and individual prices.
  • Guarantee is satisfied customers from over 100 countries of the world and our 27 years of experience.
Did you know?
CMOSens® Technology integrates sensor elements and evaluation circuits within a single semiconductor chip. Such integration offers customers high reliability and precision at low cost. Competence of Sensirion as a reliable OEM partner is underlined by a strict quality approach and a professional quality management system, which has been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 standards.
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Manufacturer's articles
Take the advantage of ready to use module with SHT30 sensor SENSIRION

Take the advantage of ready to use module with SHT30 sensor

The SHTxx sensors measure relative humidity and temperature of their direct environment. But what to do if PCB doesn’t allow the sensor to be placed in the optimal position?

Technological Breakthrough in Optical PM Sensors SENSIRION

Technological Breakthrough in Optical PM Sensors

Sensirion’s SPS30 particulate matter (PM) sensor uses innovative technology that keeps the dust away from all sensitive parts and prevents its accumulation. This technology enables accurate measurements for more than eight years while operating continuously for 24 hours/day without cleaning and/or maintenance.

VOC Sensor with 65uA Consumption Only SENSIRION

VOC Sensor with 65uA Consumption Only

SGPC3 is designed to measure the volatile organic compounds (VOC) concentration in the indoor environment. As is usual with Sensirion products, the sensor is calibrated and the signal processing is integrated directly on the chip.

SCD30 is More Than Just the NDIR CO2 Sensor SENSIRION

SCD30 is More Than Just the NDIR CO2 Sensor

Sensirion SCD30 is a calibrated module with NDIR CO2, humidity and temperature sensors. Measuring of CO2 concentration and automatic ventilation on demand guarantees healthy workplace and even saves the energy.

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