SONITRON, based in Belgium, has become the European leader in piezo-ceramic acoustic components with over 30 years experience and several patents. With an extensive know-how Sonitron produces a wide range of high quality and reliable products from the smallest and most cost effective buzzers to the most highly sophisticated components.

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Piezo buzzer Sonitron SMA-13LV deploys maximum from a minimum

80 dB acoustic signal at only 3V power supply and really miniature size place this new component into a top class.

Let vibrate only a membrane

To reach a maximum mechanical stability, many Sonitron piezo components are now available even with a foam tape.

Sonitron - piezo transducers, which you can rely on

35 year experience in development and production of piezo components reflect in a quality of products of this Belgian company.

Sonitron Alarm Sirens

The Sonitron SAS-series exists of loud, small and low weight piezoceramic and electromagnetic models. The different models are developed for use in applications where dimensions should be small and sound output loud, such as fire alarms, ambulance sirens, security devices etc.

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Sonitron products overview

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  • top quality piezoceramic acoustic components
  • EU made products – in Belgium
  • very good price/performance ratio
Did you know?

In Sonitron portfolio we can find buzzers, transducers, piezoceramic speakers and amplifiers, as well as alarms and sirens. Sonitron products meet the needs of many different applications, such as industrial, consumer and military applications. Furthermore Sonitron is the prime source for the NATO alarms.



in stock 3 pcs

SMA-21L-P17,5 (SMA-21L P17.5)

Piezoelectric buzzer with driver

Buzzer 21x9,5mm RM17,5 1,5-24V 91dB 3,3kHz

Ord.number: 80644


1 pcs+ 3,5950 €

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Siren "SWEEP" 6-15VDC, 105dB, IP67, cable

Ord.number: 64101


1 pcs+ 14,5000 €

3 pcs+ 14,0000 €

5 pcs+ 13,6000 €

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