Sunny Computer Technology has quietly become one of the world’s leading suppliers of switching power supplies and a wide range of electronic parts. Today Sunny’s parts and components can be found throughout the world in telecommunications, security systems, notebooks, LCD monitors, scanners, switching hubs, USB hubs, Wi-Fi, chargers, digital cameras, medical equipment, electronics testing equipment, printers, cash registers, point-of-sale barcode scanners and printers, PC peripherals, single and dual-controls for electric blankets, and many other consumer electronic products.
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From the very beginning of the company, SUNNY have relentlessly and aggressively engaged in Research and Development while keeping up with new products and technologies. In the future, both near and far, this standard will continue as evidenced by our strong abilities to date. The main drivers are reliability and customer satisfaction, thats why customers choose SUNNY adapters.
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If you are curios and want to see all standards in wall outlets/voltages around our globe please visit
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The SUNNY side of life - Reliable manufacturer of adapters and power supplies

The SUNNY side of life - Reliable manufacturer of adapters and power supplies

Technically every application needs a power supply. It matters which adapter or power supply we use. It needs to be durable and have low power consumption in an idle state, it needs to have interesting design and its manufacturer needs to have all the required certificates.

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