Established in 1975, NUVOTEM TALEMA has grown rapidly as a manufacturer of leading-edge toroidal transformers, current transformers and chokes. Over the years, Nuvotem Talema has succeeded in designing, producing and delivering to its customers in excess of 35 million Transformers.

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A transformer suitable even for mimosas

A transformer suitable even for mimosas

15W toroidal transformer with a very low radiated magnetic field and high efficiency is an excellent choice for audio and other sensitive devices.

Precise and price-convenient measuring of AC current

Precise and price-convenient measuring of AC current

With current transformers, you can measure AC current simply and with a sufficient accuracy, moreover with maintaining of a high safety level thanks to a galvanic isolation.

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  • huge experience and know-how of company
  • high-quality and durable components
  • carefully designed for a full load (transformers and coils)
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Today Talema group has more than 1000 employees. Beyond the production of toroids, and various transformers, Nuvotem Talema has developed comprehensive product ranges in telecommunications and network magnetics, such as ISDN, xDSL, 10BaseT, 10/100BaseT. European headquarter, design and administrative centre is in Ireland. Main R&D and production plants are in Czech Republic and India. Production portfolio consists of power transformers, chokes and inductors, SMPS transformers and inductors, Currents sense magnetics, Communication and LAN magnetics.


CAF-2,3-2,2 TALEMA

in stock 43 pcs


Common Mode Chokes

Toroidal Choke 2x2,2mH 2,3A 75mR RM20x12,5mm

Ord.number: 74370
Special offer


1 pcs+ 1,15 €


in stock 370 pcs



SMT toroidal choke 2x470uH 200mA 300mR

Ord.number: 92065
Special offer


1 pcs+ 0,9660 €

6 pcs+ 0,9350 €

50 pcs+ 0,8220 €

200 pcs+ 0,7290 €

800 pcs+ 0,6370 €

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