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Manufacturer TECXUS
TECXUS was one of the first brands to offer high-performance lithium batteries. In TECXUS portfolio you can find all standard batteries, alkaline, lithium, NiMH and many other. Nearly all of TECXUS standard and rechargeable batteries offer the highest capacities (mAh) available in the market.
  • very high capacity of batteries
  • batteries often outperform other renowned products in independent tests
  • excellent price/performance ratio
Did you know?
Tecxus is producing batteries using state of the art technology, manufacturing processes and quality controls. Excellent product quality has been proven in independent test by consumer magazines – outperforming products made by renowned competitors. Tecxus also offers innovative "Ready to Use" NiMH (nickel metal hydride) rechargeable batteries, precharged to be used right out of the package. Main advantage of these cells is a very low self-discharge, what allows them to maintain up to 80% of their capacity after 1 year of storage
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Batteries Tecxus AAA for the price of zinc-carbon ones

We offer to you quality alkaline batteries with a high capacity, for the exceptionally convenient price. We bring to you 24-pcs packages of AAA micro cells in a limited amount for even more favourable price than so far.


Where classic NiMH battery is not enough use RTU

Tecxus batteries with RTU technology (READY TO USE) push the boundaries of NiMH possibility even higher. TECXUS RTU batteries bring several advantages. In addition to low samovybíjacieho stream, which means even after storage of 75 to 85% capacity, can also provide the maximum energy in a short time in a row. They are therefore suitable for installations with a large surge.

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