TRACO Electronic AG is a Swiss company with headquarters based in Zurich, Switzerland. As a leading power supply specialist with more than 30 years of experience, it is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high quality DC/DC and AC/DC power conversion products. TRACO Electronic AG is marketing their products worldwide under the registered trademark TRACOPOWER.
Why choose SOS electronic?
  • We are supplier of TRACOPOWER products with branches in 6 European countries.
  • We sell components with a guaranty of a reliable source.
  • We offer technical support
  • We have high packaging standards for industrial customers.
  • We offer wholesale discounts and individual prices.
  • Guarantee is satisfied customers from over 100 countries of the world and our 29 years of experience.
TRACOPOWER products in our offer
Daniel Gehrig/ Area Sales Manager/ TRACO POWER
SOS electronic and Traco Power are historical partners. All it started in its origin location in Slovakia with geographical expansion step by step. Today, SOS promotes successfully TRACO POWER products in a huge European region with local offices to support its customers in commercial and technical aspects. Hopefully this valuable and beneficial partnership continues for many more years.
Do you need help?
  • top quality designed in Switzerland
  • reliable industrial solutions for power supply
  • many types with galvanic isolation available
  • wide range of types, incl. DIN-rail types
Did you know?
Mission of Traco Electronic AG is to provide customers with an optimal power supply solution in terms of performance, quality and cost for their specific application. Products range from miniature SMD types through SIP, DIP packages to open frame, encapsulated, enclosed and DIN-rail power supplies.
TRACO POWER‘s product range focuses on the four vertical markets: Industrial, Medical & Healthcare, Railway / Ruggedized, Building Automation & Household Appliance.
TRACOPOWER manufacturer’s articles
Compact 4W DC/DC converters in SIP-8 package

Compact 4W DC/DC converters in SIP-8 package

High-efficiency 4W, DC/DC TracoPower, converters designed for industrial applications with wide input voltage range fill the gap between 3 and 6W converters.

Next-gen of low power DC/DC converters

Next-gen of low power DC/DC converters

A major leap in DC/DC construction technology opens the door to affordable and more effective TracoPower products developed for high-volume applications.

1W cost-effective, top-quality isolated DC/DC converters

1W cost-effective, top-quality isolated DC/DC converters

Thousands of different applications in industrial electronics rely on small 1W isolated DC/DC converters. To keep BOM cost low and help customers enter new applications, TRACO comes to market with a cost-effective 1W SIP converters.

TRACOPOWER manufacturer’s videos

TRM 4 and TRM 4WI DC/DC converters

Uploaded on server: 16.12.2020

SOS webinar: Excellence in Power Conversion

Uploaded on server: 16.12.2013
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