TRUMETER founded in 1937 in Manchester/ UK, is a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of sophisticated distance and length measurement instruments, electronic counters, panel meters, automotive lighting systems and LED lighting applications.

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Trumeter will count it to you!

Trumeter will count it to you!

Ready-made counters, panel meters and time relays from company Trumeter significantly simplify development of applications where we need such modules.

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  • one of the world leaders in measurement of distance, length, electronic counters and panel meters
  • wide portfolio of quality products
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Trumeter's heritage is founded on three core products, which Trumeter has manufactured and supplied all over the world. The three core products are Distance Measurement, Length Measurement, Electronic Counter and Measurement. Trumeter is acknowledged as a world leader in these markets.


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Counters and Timers

Totalising Counter 6digit LCD 31x24mm 2,6-3,4Vdc/10uA

Ord.number: 67351
Product info: S


1 pcs+ 12,7000 €

2 pcs+ 12,3000 €

5 pcs+ 11,8000 €

10 pcs+ 10,8000 €


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Counters and Timers

Totalising Counter bi-directional 6dig LCD 31x24mm 2,6-3,4Vdc/10uA

Ord.number: 129103
Product info: S


1 pcs+ 18,0000 €

2 pcs+ 17,4000 €

5 pcs+ 15,7000 €

10 pcs+ 15,2000 €

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