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Manufacturer UDOO
UDOO is a mini PC that can be used both with Android and Linux OS, with an embedded Arduino-compatible board. It is a powerful prototyping board for software development and design; it’ s easy to use and allows developing projects with minimum knowledge of hardware.
  • Develop an innovative product for a growing market
  • Give a new vision to the educational framework, with the idea of training up a new generation of engineers, designers and software developers skilled in digital technology: physical computing, multi-media arts, interactive arts, IoT...
  • Give a boost to the DIY world
  • Offer a low cost embedded platform for interactive arts with powerful tools: Processing, OpenCV, PureData, openFramework
  • Provide companies with a great tool for fast prototyping
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Manufacturer's articles

Record from SOS webinar – Real Time image Analysis and Physical Computing with UDOO

During webinar you could find out how to Use real time image analysis with OpenCv with UDOO. Did you miss our webinar? Watch the VIDEO – record....


Record from SOS webinar – Looking for a powerful platfom for your Linux applications?

Did you miss our webinar? Watch the VIDEO – record...


High power of the UDOO “asks” for usage.

High power of the UDOO “asks” for usage. One of many occasions to make it is to use various available periphery thus gaining a truly universal platform.


Do you want a microcomputer which will „handle everything“?

UDOO as one of the most powerful embedded PC (SOM) of this date breaks borders in the price/ performance ratio.

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