PREMIUM loyalty program

Thank you for choosing our e-shop. For our regular customers who shop via our e-shop, we have PREMIUM loyalty program ready. Its benefits can only be enjoyed by EU customers. Please, read the following general conditions carefully.

I. General terms and conditions:

The loyalty program is very simple.
  1. The PREMIUM Loyalty Program (hereinafter referred to as "PREMIUM") is operated by SOS electronics s.r.o., with registered offices at Pri prachárni 16, 040 11 Košice, Slovak Republic, VAT Nr.: SK 2020484158, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Košice I, under section Sro, entry no. 5791 / V. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").

  2. With every purchase in our e-shop you also get points that you can later exchange for rewards from our catalogue. Collecting loyalty points is for all natural persons over the age of 18 and legal entities who sign up for and actively shop through our e-shop unless otherwise stated.

  3. The benefits of the PREMIUM Loyalty Program can only be enjoyed by EU customers.

  4. The PREMIUM excludes employees of SOS electronics s.r.o. as well as employees within any branch of the company or within another company with similar capital (also outside the territory of the Slovak Republic) as well as their family members, unless the company decides otherwise upon a special request.

  5. Additionally, the Company is entitled, without prior notice, to forbid the participation in the PREMIUM loyalty program to any natural person participating in the PREMIUM program seeking to obtain another benefit that is in contrary to the principles of fair trade or because their participation in the PREMIUM program can cause, or already caused, loss to the company (including loss of expected earnings).

II. PREMIUM program duration:

From 14.2.2019 for an indefinite period.

III. How PREMIUM works:

  1. Any registered customer whose participation in PREMIUM program is not prohibited (point I, par. 3 - 5), or if his participation in PREMIUM has not otherwise expired, obtains points for his purchases in e-shop under the conditions listed below.

  2. Points earned for purchase by a customer may be exchanged for one of the rewards offered by the company on its website. The customer acknowledges that the PREMIUM program is the form in which the company wants to express their thanks to its customers for the purchase made, but the customer has no legal right to receive the reward or to claim another PREMIUM benefit from the company.

  3. PREMIUM applies only to orders made via company’s e-shop.

  4. Orders processed by telephone, fax, e-mail, in person or otherwise do not count towards PREMIUM.

  5. The amount of allocated points depends on the value of the order. Uncertainties or errors in assigning or shortening points are ultimately resolved solely by the company itself upon customer request. The company's decision will be considered final by the customer; the company will disregard the additional complaints in the same case unless it decides otherwise in justified cases.

  6. For every 15 EUR, the customer receives 1 point (i.e., 10 points for the order in the value of 150 EUR, only 1 point when ordering for 17 EUR). The company reserves the right to change the given course at any time.  

  7. Each point earned under these conditions has limited validity until it can be exchanged for the rewards offered. This validity is 2 years from the date the relevant loyalty points are earned. After this period, the member (customer) loses the right to exchange these points for the reward and these points will be deducted from the total point status of his account.

  8. PREMIUM also applies to various campaigns and sales unless the company specifies otherwise.

  9. When cancelling the order or its part, the corresponding number of already assigned points will be deducted from the account. In the case where a customer agrees with the company or its sales representative or other seller on different prices of the goods compared to the published prices, the value of the assigned points will be reduced by 50% to 100% at the discretion of the PREMIUM Program Operator (SOS electronic). The collected points can be used by the customer successively or on a one-off basis, according to his own decision.

  10. The current point status will always appear after you log in to the e-shop.

  11. The company is not obliged to send any calls or warnings about the expiration of collected points.

  12. The right to use the PREMIUM reward points arises only after all liabilities have been settled.

  13. Points collected cannot be exchanged for cash, cannot be transferred to another person and cannot be used as a discount for any goods.

  14. Individual rewards included in PREMIUM are available on the company's website in the loyalty program section.

  15. Each reward has its point’s value.

  16. The Company reserves the right, without prior notice, to make any changes during the PREMIUM period regarding the point evaluation of the PREMIUM rewards as well as the structure of the rewards offered.

  17. Using the assigned points in exchange for the rewards offered by the company can only be realized via e-shop. The customer is not entitled to cancel the order already sent to the company, in which he has chosen his reward in exchange for the PREMIUM points.

  18. Product sent to a registered customer after claiming PREMIUM points is not covered by the warranty, nor is there any guarantee period in respect of such a reward or the company does not guarantee the exact delivery date of such product to the customer.

  19. In case the company finds out that for any reason (especially for circumstances of force majeure) it cannot deliver a reward to the customer, it will either send him a different product or the points he used to earn the reward will be assigned back to his account.

  20. The Registered Customer has the right to return the reward at his own expense, but without the right to reimbursement of the associated costs and without any claim for any other costs or claims. By returning the reward, the registered customer is not entitled to get the points; that were used to order the reward; assigned back to his account unless the company determines otherwise.

  21. During the PREMIUM period, the company has the opportunity to prepare various bonuses, and will inform its customers on the company's website in the loyalty program section.

  22. The duration of PREMIUM is not time-limited. The Company reserves the right to declare the conditions for expiry of PREMIUM in due time. The end of the point allocation and expiration of the unused points will then be published on the company's website in the section dedicated to the loyalty program.

  23. In the event of a discrepancy between these PREMIUM Terms and Conditions and the PREMIUM promotional material, the provisions set in these Terms and Conditions of the loyalty program are always preferred.

  24. Persons registered in order to participate in the online shopping and use the PREMIUM Points express their unreserved acceptance of the above terms.

  25. Any obligations towards tax or other state institutions deriving from existing legislation of the country concerned are fully borne by the recipient.

  26. The PREMIUM Program Operator is entitled to exclude a member (customer) from the Program if the Member has committed an unlawful act in connection to their membership in the Program or in relation to SOS electronic, in particular: if he has infringed the trademark rights used by SOS electronic, has caused SOS electronic or other member damage or other harm, has obtained an advantage in violation of these conditions or has allowed another person to obtain an advantage in violation of the conditions.

  27. The right of PREMIUM customer participation expires:
    1. in the event of a customer´s termination who is a legal entity (irrespective of legal succession) on the day of termination (points assigned for any reason to the customer's account after that date will be deducted without refund);
    2. in the event of the death of a customer who is a natural person, on the date of death (points assigned for any reason to the customer's account after that date will be deducted without refund);
    3. based on the written request of the customer (if the customer is a legal person, the signature of the Statutory Agent is required) on the date when the application is received.

  • The Company declares that Personal Data that have been voluntarily provided by third parties within the e-shop will only be used for purposes related to the implementation of the PREMIUM program and will not be granted to any person other than the persons directly securing the delivery of the reward to the customer.

  • The protection of personal data is governed by the provisions of the Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46/ES.

  • Providing your data is voluntary and the company as an operator is not legally entitled to receive them. Personal information that you provide to company through the login form must be true and, in the event of a change, you are required to inform the company of their change without delay. In the event of an out-of-date nature of the data you provide, after completing the purpose, submitting an objection or in the event of a cancellation of the registration, these data will be removed in accordance with the law.
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