VOLTCRAFT ® is a first class product portfolio in the measuring and charging technology as well as in the areas of current and voltage supply. Passion for cutting-edge technology and high quality at an excellent price-performance ratio characterize this brand.

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"Wireless" measuring is always safer ...

Clamp multimeters are not only practical, but also highly safe at measuring a current. One of them is also the compact Voltcraft VC-521.

Voltcraft – above standard quality even in measuring leads

Voltcraft sets of measuring leads provide several reasons why to choose right them.

NiZn rechargeable batteries - when Nickel and Zinc create a strong pair

1,6V rechargeable batteries experience “rebirth” and bring several advantages in comparison to 1,2V NiCd accumulators

Multimeters Voltcraft – above-standard quality for an appropriate price

When a tool becomes a legend, usually there must be a good reason for it. This is also the case of Voltcraft mark.

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  • high quality products
  • balanced price/performance ratio
  • functional design
  • easy to use
  • wide portfolio of products
Did you know?

Mission of Voltcraft brand is to provide customers with an optimal measuring instrument solution in terms of performance, quality and cost for their specific application. Products range from simple wall adapters, through laboratory power supplies, clamp meters to digital multimeters and other special purpose measuring instruments, even oscilloscopes.


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Chargers and Testers

Battery Charger NiMH AA/AAA, 0,3A

Ord.number: 178611


1 pcs+ 24,6000 €

3 pcs+ 22,3000 €

5 pcs+ 21,1000 €

10 pcs+ 18,5000 €

in stock 1 pcs


Chargers and Testers

Battery Charger NiMH AA/AAA, 0,5A

Ord.number: 144448


1 pcs+ 32,2000 €

3 pcs+ 29,0000 €

5 pcs+ 27,5000 €

10 pcs+ 24,0000 €

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