Since its founding in 1951 in Minden/Germany, WAGO is the company which based its success on an idea to find an alternative to the normal screw-type connection in the connecting technology field. They developed spring clamp terminal blocks. Since many years Wago is the synonym for various push-wire and other spring-clamp connectors.

Manufacturer's articles

Wago LED terminal blocks are ready for small and also big applications

Thin LED strip but also a powerful LED application sourced directly from 230V mains line are no problem for Wago series 2059, 2060 and 2061 terminal blocks.

In our store can be found all colors of Wago 256

Favorite modular PCB terminal blocks series 256 are produced in 7 colors. We offer them to you all at one place.

High currents, small spaces - a breeze for Wago 221

Perhaps the hottest this-year novelty from company Wago - 221 series terminal blocks are here.

Wago 2060 terminal blocks don´t overtop LEDs

With a height of only 4.5 mm are new terminal blocks able to connect LED modules and LED panels aesthetically and with a maximal reliability.

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Wago picoMAX series connectors

Uploaded on server: 07.11.2012

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Uploaded on server: 18.01.2013

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WAGO 2060 SMT terminal blocks

Uploaded on server: 30.08.2013

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Wago 2273 series terminal blocks for junction boxes

Uploaded on server: 28.03.2014

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Wago 221 series

Uploaded on server: 28.08.2014

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  • top quality producer
  • pioneer company in a non-screw connectors and terminals
  • Wago stands for a synonymum for nonscrew connectors
  • huge range of accessories, possibility of various sets
  • top quality materials used
  • space saving and time saving solutions
  • reliable connectors and terminals
Did you know?

Wago products are continuously, already for many years, becoming standards for industry on the world market. The year 1977 is when the success story of the CAGE CLAMP began – “vibration-proof, fast and maintenance-free connection”.


in stock 245 pcs


Plug-in screwless terminal blocks

Connector picoMAX 3,5 F 4P cable 1,5mm2 light grey

Ord.number: 139942
Product info: A


1 pcs+ 0,7863 €

in stock 155 pcs


Plug-in terminal blocks

Header straight solder pin 4P PCB 12A RM5,08 orange

Ord.number: 166171
Product info: A


3 pcs+ 0,7910 €

6 pcs+ 0,7660 €

25 pcs+ 0,6980 €

50 pcs+ 0,6740 €

100 pcs+ 0,6500 €

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