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    What is webinar?

    Webinars are thematically oriented trainings realized online. During these webinars you can learn more about products and their characteristics. Thanks to special relationship with our suppliers we are able to offer you the technical support and trainings directly through the producer\'s representative.

    How can you attend webinar?

    You just need to fill in online registration form that you can find in concrete webinar.The exact schedule of webinars with detailed information can always be found on this website (right section). Beware, the number of participants per one webinar is limited.

    Webinars already held

    What not to forget at the PCB design?

    How to design PCBs correctly, to reach boards which are cost-effective to produce and to populate?

    Are you using really effective and efficient sprays in production and service?

    Make your job easier with top-class sprays with high purity and yield. Suitable chemistry can considerably extend the life and reliability of your equipment.

    Do you know how to detect the undetectable signal error by 1 device?

    The R&S Scope Rider combines five instruments in a compact package, and the rugged design makes the instrument perfect for mobile installation jobs and maintenance activities.

    Record from SOS webinar - Simple and efficient solution for wide voltage range applications

    Who is the winner of demoboard from Linear technology? In addition to getting to know the winner, you can also watch the video record from webinar...

    Record from SOS webinar - Everything you have ever wanted to know about Physics of Humidity

    Accuracy in a whole range of relative humidity measurement? You could find out during Sensirion webinar. Did you miss our webinar? Watch the video - record...

    Record from SOS webinar - DCTR-72DA transmits data up to 600m distance

    Webinar with IQRF was about how to transmits data up to 600m distance. Did you miss our webinar? Watch the video - record...

    Record from SOS webinar - Get your devices on web within few minutes

    Webinar Wiznet was about hot to administrate devices trough a web server. Did you miss our webinar? Watch the video - record...

    Record from SOS webinar – Real Time image Analysis and Physical Computing with UDOO

    During webinar you could find out how to Use real time image analysis with OpenCv with UDOO. Did you miss our webinar? Watch the VIDEO – record....

    Record from SOS webinar – How to effectively handle human-machine interface in your applications?

    Did you miss our webinar? Watch the VIDEO – record...

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