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Interactive SOSwebinar: Series of UniTFTs Intelligent Touch Displays (Electronic Assembly)

 Interactiv SOS webinar

Term: 2020.09.16 10:00 - 11:30

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Webinar objective
Designers often overlook the graphic power as well as the difficulty in the design of displays, resulting in poor designs and inadequate performance. What are the most important aspects of UniTFTs series?
We want to show you how to work with intelligent uniTFTs series displays from the very beginning and step by step. What´s more, you can do it with us.

Before the webinar, you can download the „Software uniTFTdesigner“ and „Driver for USB“. It´s optional, however, we recommend it. It´s a unique opportunity to work together with an expert.

The workshop will cover important aspects of UniTFTs series to advise you in your development and maximize your effectivity during your graphic design, to demonstrate the useful features of the display and the easiest ways of the work.

Programme of webinar
The webinar focuses on hardware:
  • uniTFTs 2.0” ~ 4.3”
  • uniTFT 5.0” ~ 10.1”
  • Features; interfaces, I/Os
  • Aplications

    Software uniTFTdesigner:
  • Start a new project
  • Screens, Buttons, Pictures
  • Bargraphs, Sliders, Macros
  • Simulator, test your project

  • Webinar requirements
  • Computer with Internet connection
  • Webinar will be carried out via ZOOM

  • Before the webinar, you can download the „Software uniTFTdesigner“ and „Driver for USB“.

    Training will be led by

    Sven T. Jenschur from Electronic Assembly GmbH company
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