XENO ENERGY is the specialized company who over 15 years develops and manufactures 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2) Batteries independently. Based on product understanding and production know-how of Li-SOCl2 batteries, XENO ENERGY provides high performance batteries

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Backup battery soldered directly to a PCB?

Backup battery soldered directly to a PCB?

If you´re deciding whether it´s worth to use a backup battery, we bring you a few remarks why to go for it or not.

10 years of operation on 1 battery?

10 years of operation on 1 battery?

Xeno Lithium batteries offer high capacity at extremely low self-discharge and are able to supply also your device for many years.

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  • company focused entirely on development and production of Li-SOCl2 batteries
  • over 15 years experience
  • industrial grade non-rechargeable batteries with extremely low self discharge
  • very good price/performance ratio
Did you know?

Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries are generally less known but it is important industrial power source as main power or subsidiary power. Also, their demand is continuously growing thanks to the unique and superior voltage behavior, temperature coverage, lowest self discharge, good safety structure and durability comparing with other known batteries. XenoEnergy also offers custom solution to meet customer requirements.


XL-050F AX (LS14250CNA) XENO

in stock 2763 pcs

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XL-050F AX (LS14250CNA)

Primary Batteries

Lithium Battery 3,6V 1,2Ah 1/2AA Axial Leads

Ord.number: 49191
In stock


1 pcs+ 3,82 €

5 pcs+ 3,45 €

30 pcs+ 2,99 €

90 pcs+ 2,83 €

XL-050F (LS14250) XENO

in stock 1178 pcs

XL-050F (LS14250)

Primary Batteries

Lithium Battery 3,6V 1,2Ah 1/2AA

Ord.number: 48983
In stock


1 pcs+ 3,45 €

20 pcs+ 2,91 €

50 pcs+ 2,64 €

100 pcs+ 2,55 €

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