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Established in 1977, the YAGEO Corporation has become a world-class provider of passive components. Yageo currently ranks as the world No.1 in chip-resistors, No. 3 in MLCCs and No. 3 in ferrite products. Yageo products have excellent reputation in terms of quality and reliability.
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  • well renowned company with a big knowhow
  • excellent quality and reliability of products
  • complete portfolio of passive components
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    As a shopping mega store, Yageo provides a complete product line of chip resistors, multilayer chip capacitors (MLCCs), electrolytic capacitors, inductors, leaded resistors and figh frequency products. Yageo´s global deployment strategy is based on providing customers with comprehensive passive component solutions and an enhanced sevice. Yageo components are used in many top quality products of many global producers like Sony, Samsung and other.

    In 1996, Yageo acquired Virohm and in 2000, Yageo acquired Phycomp and Ferroxcube - two passive components units from Philips Electronics. Ferroxcube and Vitrohm are part of Yageo group, who produce ferrites and leaded resistors.
    YAGEO manufacturer’s articles
    Will the SMD resistors marking become a history?

    Will the SMD resistors marking become a history?

    Company YAGEO announced its intention to remove marking of RC/AC 0603,0805,1206 SMD chip resistors from July, 1-st, 2013.

    Do you utilize ceramic capacitors for power supply filtering?

    Do you utilize ceramic capacitors for power supply filtering?

    Thanks to their very low equivalent serial resistance (ESR), provide a very worth function in power supply parts of various devices. In many cases, there´s no need to add any other types of filtering capacitors anymore.

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