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SENSIRION - Humidity & Temperature Sensors (RH&T), Liquid Flow Sensors, Mass Flow Meters & Controllers for Gases, Differential Pressure Sensors.

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SDP31 – a miniature sensor for your big projects

SDP31 – a miniature sensor for your big projects
Sensirion digital differential pressure sensor SDP31 is based on the next generation of CMOSens® technology.

Even the humidity & temperature sensors can be...

Even the humidity & temperature sensors can be...
±2% accuracy in a whole range - that´s just one of several improvements of the third generation of calibrated sensors from company Sensirion.

Record from SOS webinar - Everything you have ever...

Record from SOS webinar - Everything you have ever...
Accuracy in a whole range of relative humidity measurement? You could find out during Sensirion webinar. Did you miss our webinar? Watch the video - record...

SHTC1 - humidity and temperature from a pin head

SHTC1 - humidity and temperature from a pin head
Miniature calibrated humidity and temperature sensor Sensirion SHTC1 is usable even in space - limited applications.

Most popular SENSIRION products in SOS electronic

SHT31-DIS-B Viac info


IC temperat., humidity sensor ±2% RH Digital I2C DFN8
Ord.No.: 182220
EK-H5forSHTC1 Viac info


Evaluation Kit EK-H5 for Humidity Sensors SHTC1
Ord.No.: 174720
SHTC1 Viac info


IC thermal, humidity sensor ±3%RH I2C 2x2x0,8mm SMD
Ord.No.: 162861
STS21 Viac info


IC temperature sensor 0,2% I2C DFN6
Ord.No.: 113285
SHT21S Viac info


IC temperature, humidity sensor ±2%RH SDM DFN6
Ord.No.: 107263
EK-P3 Viac info


Evaluation Kit I2C to USB converter
Ord.No.: 106358

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tel: +421 55 786 04 29


Sensirion is a leading Swiss high-tech company with headquarters in Stäfa. Highly skilled team of more than 250 employees develops and produces high-quality sensor components and systems for a variety of OEM applications. Sensirion owes its success to its unique and innovative CMOSens® Technology (30 patents).


  • excellent reliability and long term stability
  • low power consumption and very small dimensions of the final solution
  • humidity sensors are individually calibrated in a precision humidity chamber - no expensive and time demanding calibration

Did you know?

CMOSens® Technology integrates sensor elements and evaluation circuitry within a single semiconductor chip. In the highly competitive global market, this system integration into a single semiconductor chip offers unbeatable customer benefits, in particular its high reliability and precision at low cost. Competence of Sensirion as a reliable OEM partner is underlined by a strict quality approach and a professional quality managements system, which has been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 standards

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