Over the past decade, 2J located in Bardejov/ Slovakia has established itself as a market leader within the antenna industry. Initially in developing a diverse range of products and subsequently on undertaking bespoke antenna projects for such high profile companies as Porsche or Sagem amongst others.

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LTE Antenna for demanding applications

More and more applications use LTE connection nowadays. To meet a strong market demand for LTE antennas, 2J released a 2JW0124, which is a high gain, universal antenna.

2G=2J! 3G=2J! 4G=2J!

2J, a well known antennae manufacturer introduces a new 3G/4G LTE PIFA antenna.

Even a small figurine can play a big performance

New aerial from 2J will surely not surprise you by its size, however features of the antenna are worth noticing.

2J620P antenna - GSM and GPS under one roof

New antenna 2J620P will provide you a high quality GSM and GPS signal at once, moreover with a very simple assembly.

SOS cinema

2J Antenna Conceptor

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Why 2J?
  • top quality products with CE certification and IP67 resistance
  • very wide production portfolio
  • flexibility and quick prototyping ability
  • very good price/performance ratio
Did you know?

2J Antennae provide highly reliable antennas and RF cable products for system integrators of wireless telemetry and M2M equipment. 2J products cover 530kHz to 5.9GHz frequencies. Since its foundation, 2J Antennae has continued to be a trusted name globally for companies producing machine to machine, industrial, automotive, marine, base station and wireless solutions. Equipment and highly skilled personnel allow 2J to be largely self-sufficient. Plastic injections , SMD pick and place, product assembly and quality control are all carried out on the main site in Slovakia without a need for costly outsourcing. A new onsite anechoic chamber has been put in place to further improve design and testing abilities.



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ISM Antenna RP SMA M

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