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Manufacturer 2J
Over the past decade, 2J located in Bardejov/ Slovakia has become a market leader within the antenna industry. Initially in developing a diverse range of products and subsequently on undertaking bespoke antenna projects for such high profile companies as Porsche or Sagem.
Why 2J?
  • top quality products with CE certification and IP67 resistance
  • very wide products portfolio
  • flexibility and fast delivery of prototypes
  • very good price/performance ratio
Why choose SOS electronic?
  • We are an authorized distributor of 2J products with representation in 7 European countries.
  • We sell components with a guaranty of a reliable source.
  • We offer technical support
  • We have high packaging standards for industrial customers.
  • We offer wholesale discounts and individual prices.
  • Guarantee is satisfied customers from over 100 countries of the world and our 28 years of experience.
Did you know?
Antennas from the Slovak manufacturer 2J are characterized by high reliability and excellent price / performance ratio. An advantage is the availability of special RF cables for system integrators of wireless devices, telemetry and M2M devices. 2J products cover frequencies from 530kHz to 5.9GHz. Since its foundation, 2J Antennae has continued to be a trusted brand worldwide for companies manufacturing machine to machine, industrial, automotive, marine, base station and wireless solutions. Equipment and highly skilled personnel allow 2J to be largely self-sufficient. Plastic parts, SMD pick and place, product assembly and quality control are all carried out on the main site in Slovakia without costly outsourcing. A new onsite anechoic chamber has been put in place to further improve design and testing abilities.
Products in our offer
Manufacturer's articles
 “The Condor Series” – The raptor between antennas 2J

“The Condor Series” – The raptor between antennas

If you are using 4G networks in your application for fast data transfer, it is crucial to have a reliable and high performance antenna. The new 2J4A24Pa adhesive mount antenna is the most competitive solution on the market.

The Most Popular 2J Connector Mounted Antennas 2J

The Most Popular 2J Connector Mounted Antennas

A good antenna is a guarantee of success. You can have excellent coverage, the perfect IoT module, but if you don't have a good antenna, your project is at risk. And thus, do not risk and choose from the most widely used 2J connector antennas.

Small but Powerful Internal Antenna 2J

Small but Powerful Internal Antenna

Things are getting smaller (except for cars) and this is true also for antennas. 2JE18 is a small surface mounted antenna with dimensions of only 40x7x3mm. It is designed for a surface mounting directly on PCB- and thanks to its excellent parameters, it is intended to be used in IoT devices.

Get ready for 5G! 2J

Get ready for 5G!

Yes, the 5G network is coming. In February 2018, during the Winter Olympics in South Korea, the operation of the first 5G network will be launched.

Buďte pripravení na 5G s 2J3757M

Buďte pripravení na 5G s 2J3757M

Uploaded on server: 15.02.2018

 2J Antenna Conceptor

2J Antenna Conceptor

Uploaded on server: 11.02.2013

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