BOXER-6405 and 6405M are based on dual core Intel Celeron N3350 or quad core Pentium N4200 processors. Both models share the same baseboard. The differences between them are summarized in the table below.

It is worth to mention that COM ports type is selected in BIOS, not by jumpers.

With industrial grade RAM and SSD (-40...85°C), both models work in ambient temperature range -30 to 60°C according to IEC68-2-14 with 0.5 m/s airflow. For your information, such airflow is so small that it even doesn’t affect smoke direction.

Both models provide single slot for DDR3L SODIMM 1867 memory up to 8GB. RAM module is cooled by heatsink, which also transfers heat to enclosure.


BOXERs are easy to maintain. Bottom cover can be removed by unscrewing 6 screws. After that you get the access to RAM, SSD and expansion slots. They also have a good potential for customization. COM ports signals are also connected to internal headers. This allows depopulation of standard COM connectors and the use of your own module that adds galvanic isolation for these interfaces, for example. With BIOS customisation, you can also add digital inputs/outputs.

Computers are shipped without RAM, SSD, power supply and operating system. You can order them separately from our website. For prototype quantity, we also offer RAM and SSD assembling and installation of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB 2016 64bit.

Typical applications:

Artificial intelligence computing platform
Use a pre-trained TensorFlow/Caffe model or train a network with Tensorflow/Caffe and deploy it on Intel Movidius Myriad 2 2450 powered AI Core mini-PCIe module.

Control platform
Use RS232/422/485 ports to connect computer with PLCs and sensors.

Machine vision platform
Connect to industrial cameras via GbE or USB 3.0 ports.

IoT gateway
Just install 4G or Wi-Fi module to mPCIe slot, assembly antennas to prepared antenna openings and enjoy your new gateway.

We offer you the first 5 pieces of the BOXER-6405-A1-1010 for the starting price, please request a quote. The price is valid only until the current stock lasts.

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