ACCUCELL - located in Waiblingen/ Germany, specializes on rechargeable alkaline manganese (RAM) batteries already from 1993. The company produces RAM batteries as well as appropriate chargers.

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Charge the environmentally friendly RAM batteries

With the new Accucell Alpha 100 and Alpha 200 chargers you will manage it easily and moreover you don´t have to care about the type of batteries you´ll put in.

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  • company focusing on rechargeable alkaline batteries
  • ecologically friendly technology
  • economically convenient replacement of primary cells with a 1.5V nominal voltage
Did you know?

1.5V nominal voltage makes RAM batteries widely applicable as a direct replacement of primary batteries. As ecologically friendly and economically very convenient, RAM batteries are very suitable alternative to primary batteries. Thanks to a very low self-discharge and no memory effect, they can be applied to almost any low-drain devices. RAM batteries are available in all 4 main sizes – micro (AAA), mignon (AA), baby (C) as well as mono (D).



AccuCell Baby LR14/C only 2pcs

Rechargeable Batteries

Rech. Alkaline Battery 1,5V 3000mAh

Ord.number: 57503


Item is not held in stock any longer

AccuCell Micro LR03/AAA only 4pcs

Rechargeable Batteries

Rech. Alkaline Battery 1,5V 750mAh

Ord.number: 57501


Item is not held in stock any longer

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