And in case you haven't seen such a fan, it is most likely because it’s really uncommon to have access to a roof of the technological buildings, eg. data centers or even shopping centers. That is the place where technologies for air conditioning and ventilation are usually placed.

S6D800-AD01-01 is a three-phase axial fan from the Hy-Blade family with blades from the S series (5 blades with the size of 800mm), with a protective grille, which of course performs safety functions and protects the rotor itself. The blades are made of coated aluminum sheet, the engine body of aluminum alloy and the grille of plastic-coated steel. Its’ outer diameter is 960mm including the guard grille. It is thus not surprising that the fan weighs 33.5kg.

The weather on the roof is usually uncertain, however, our fan does not mind it at all. The ambient temperature can be up to 60°C and the temperature around the engine from -40°C up to 80°C. And in case of need, it still has a TOP (thermal overload protection) brought out to the terminal box - you can use the information in the security system. Even rain is not a problem, the fan has a protection class of IP54.

And what can this fan do? Well, it works without malfunctions for a long time. How long? This is hard to say. There are many effects that affect its lifetime. Especially temperature, but also shocks, impacts, and vibrations, but also moisture or dirt. In general, however, EBMPAPST ball bearings (mountable in any position) are expected to withstand about 40,000 hours of operation at 40° C.

Features / Advantages

When delta connection 3x400Vac / 50Hz:

  •  880 rpm
  • Power consumption 1940W
  • Max. back pressure 160Pa
  • With these parameters, the air flow rate is 13 450m3/h
  • Max air flow (at 0 Pa) 24 110m3/h

When star connection 3x400Vac / 50Hz:

  • 670 rpm
  • Power input 1210W
  • Max. back pressure 92Pa
  • With these parameters, the air flow rate is 10 250m3/h
  • Max air flow (at 0 Pa) 20 430m3/h

And why are we mentioning this fan? Well, because of the weather. It is warming up in Europe and it's time to put fans like S6D800-AD01-01 into operation. And if you happen to need a smaller one, we can help you with that too. Just to remind you, reducing fan diameter by 10% reduces air-flow by 30%, static pressure by 20% and moreover, power consumption by up to 50%.

You can find the S6D800-AD01-01 fan among our stock products.

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