Euroclamp came with screwless terminals of the SHM Series already in 2010. Over time, the manufacturer admitted that due to the slim design, the wall thickness of the connector is too small and this occasionally resulted in rupture, with frequent, relatively "rough", use.

Therefore, in 2014, Euroclamp replaced this series with a more robust design - the SHMxx-3,5-P/F series (P and F according to the position of the button below or above the wire). This series also has space for marking the individual poles – using stickers, inkjet printing or laser according to customer requirements. There was no risk of rupture, and the connector housing resists the brutal force of fast electricians. This series can also carry more - up to 11 Amps and is still available as our stock type.

However, there is not enough space on earth and customers wanted more compact connectors yet again. Euroclamp has therefore decided to optimize the wall thickness and started the production of the new generation of SHMxx-3,5-E connectors. In addition, they expanded the family with two more series. The SHMxx-3,5-E-K series, with flange for fixing the counterpart with the bolt and nut. And the SHMxx-3,5-D series, which is a double-row version to save extra space.

Regarding the technology, these are push-in spring connectors. This means that a solid conductor and stranded wires terminated with a sleeve can simply be pushed into the connector. And the actuator button should only be used at the release of wire or when working with stranded cables. We are talking only about connectors with 3.5mm pitch, but everything mentioned also applies to the 3.81mm pitch. And, of course, all connectors of the PVxx-3,5 series are suitable as a counterpart.

And why do we like Euroclamp? When you need small customization from a huge company, they expect huge quantities. If you need small adjustment from Euroclamp, they are willing to do it for you even in small quantities. The minimum amount depends, of course, on the extent of adjustments and therefore we deal with it individually. Call us, we will do our best to help.

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