VDRIVE 2 - add an USB Flash disk interface into your application

In addition to the already well-known VNC1L chip we presented VDRIVE1 module and know we would like to point to the another module in this range, known as VDRIVE2, which will help with developing or extending the functionality of your existing applications - such as using the memory with still popular USB 'key'.

This is an archive article published 05/25/2009. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
VDRIVE 2 - add an USB Flash disk interface into your application
The VDRIVE2 module provides an easy solution for adding a USB Flash disk interface to an existing product. Only four signal lines plus 5V supply and ground are required to be connected. Using the Vinculum VDAP firmware the VNC1L’s I/O interface can be selected between the serial UART or SPI using the on-board jumper pins. Not only is the VDRIVE2 ideal for evaluation and development of VNC1L designs, but also its neat enclosure and attractive quantity discount structure makes this module suitable for incorporation into finished product designs.

VDRIVE2 is ideal for commercial products such as domestic goods, set top box, etc., as well as industrial products such as data loggers, software upgradable products, etc.

VDRIVE2 key features:
  • USB ‘A’ type socket to connect USB Flash drive
  • Uses VNC1L embedded USB host controller I.C. device
  • Jumper selectable UART or SPI interfaces
  • 2 mm (0.08”) pitch 8 pin connector
  • 8-way header interconnect cable provided
  • Only 4 signals to connect, excluding power and ground
  • Program or update firmware via USB Flash disk
  • Single 5V supply input
  • Uses VDAP firmware and command set
  • Pb-free, RoHS complaint development module
  • Traffic indicator LED
  • Enclosure with snap in place clips allow for easy front panel mounting
  • VDRIVE2 pin out - UART interface
    VDRIVE 2 - add an USB Flash disk interface into your application

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