Record from SOS webinar - How can you make a wireless device from your product? It‘s simple!

Record attendance and development sets for great prices. Webinar with IQRF about wireless solutions was also about this.

This is an archive article published 09/18/2014. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

This time, we again realized two webinars during just one day – one in English and one in Czech language.

Usually, we draw one winner of development set out of all webinar participants. However this time, all participants had a chance to get DS-START-03 development set for fantastic price.

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Practical demonstration of development of your wireless solution with IQRF Data Controlled Transceivers and IQRF development tools.
Over the webinar you will get a full picture how to work with IQRF - from opening the first development set till development of your own peripherals and control software.

Programme of webinar:
- IQRF - Complete solution for Internet of Things
- Development tools and IQRF IDE
- IQRF network set up within few minutes
- Control of a wireless network with just few bytes
- Control of an IQRF network directly from your website through the IQRF Cloud
- Development of new peripherals and commands with the Custom DPA Handler
- Development of your control software with the IQRF Software Development Kit
- Effective network service with the „CATS“
- Q&A

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