It´s not very common to promote LEDs with relatively low brightness (at first sight), when their light is unusually violet – almost invisible and moreover, they are relatively expensive. Then why are they so interesting? You can already probably guess the answer – the main spectrum of these LEDs lies in an invisible UV area.UV area.

There are a lot of applications using UV light. Let´s mention at least counterfeit money detection, curing of UV sensitive materials, check of used materials (for example transparent lacquers with UV tracer), etc.

Kingbright brings right two series of UV LEDs in SMT packages on the market:

KTS-2012 - low-power LED with a max. forward current of 30 mA in an SMT package of 2,0x1,2mm size

KTDS-3534 - high-power LED with max. forward current of 500mA (cca 1.7W) in an SMT package of 3,5x3,4mm.

Both series are available in several variants based on the dominant wavelength - 365, 375, 385, 395 and 405nm. Emitted light spectrum is relatively narrow – its width is only approximately 10nm for 50% light decrease. Thus, these are the genuine UV light sources, not only a blue light source with a small fraction of UV light.

Higher energy of UV light photons requires higher LED forward voltage than it is for white LEDs (which are in fact blue LEDs with a conversion to a white spectrum) and it´s about 3.4 up to max 3.9V.

Guide price of these UV LEDs ranges approximately from 0.50 to 7 Euro/pc depending on a type and dominant wavelength; 365nm versions are the most expensive. Upon request, we can provide you with samples for the development as well as production supplies.

If you need more information about the new series of UV LEDs or you are interested in other products from KINGBRIGHT, please do not hesitate to contact us at