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Even your PCBs can look professionally

Whether it´s a prototype or a whole production batch of PCBs, Kontakt PCC cleaner will manage any residues after soldering.

Manual intervention to a PCB is usually always visible. With modern „No-clean“ fluxes it´s not that obvious as in the past. But still it doesn´t make resulting look of a PCB better. However, probably more important is the fact, that soldering residues are a potential risk, especially in humid environment - as they may cause a corrosion and leakage currents.

A PCB can be cleaned by various solvents (often also ecological ones - water based), but some residues are often simply too persistent ... That´s why we need a solvent, which is relatively “as strong as possible, but safe for solder resist, marking and components with plastic packages at the same time.
Spray Kontakt PCC is developed specially for these purposes, what´s raised by a fact, that it´s equipped by application brush, helpful for a fast dissolving of thick layers. To maintain ESD safety, it´s necessary to moisten the brush by short pressing the valve before touching a PCB.

Kontakt PCC dissolves all types of fluxes without leaving residues. When cleaning thick layers, it´s necessary to wipe wet board with a paper tissue or similar. In result we gain perfectly clean PCBs resistant to leakage currents formation. Naturally, to obtain a long-term protection it´s advisable to use some of protective coatings like for example Plastik 70, Urethan 71 or Silisol 73 and other. Thanks to a strong effect, Kontakt PCC is also suitable for cleaning of various connectors, sockets, contacts, comutators of electric motors, ...

Kontakt PCC is safe for majority of plastics except a few very sensitive types (e.g. polystyrene, polycarbonate). If a whitish coating appears after cleaning, usually it means, that the board was already treated by a protective coating (lacquer) before. In this case it´s possible to restore perfect look by application the Plastik 70.
Kontakt PCC is available in a 200ml and 400 ml package. Detailed information will provide you the Kontakt PCC datasheet. In case of interest, please contact us at

Advantages / Features:

  • efficient agent for cleaning PCBs from residues after soldering
  • dissolves all types of fluxes
  • prevents leakage currents
  • ideal as a preparation before protective coating application
  • the can is also usable upside down
  • filled by environmentally friendly gas
  • available in 200 ml and 400 ml aerosol package

Gain the Kontakt PCC spray for free!

Competition with the following question has been published here:

What propellant gas is used in the Kontakt PCC spray?

The correct answer was: CO2
We have drawn the following winners:
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Petr Steinmüller [CZ]
Štefan Vaštag [SK]
Csaba Csizmadia [HU]
Tamás Heller [HU]
Petr Tomis [CZ]
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Josef Málek [CZ]
Richard Wolf [DE]
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