Bosch GSR 10,8-2 Li screwdriver now available also in a practical plastic box and with a 3-year warranty

The shortest screwdriver in its class is the best prove that a powerful tool can be made in a small size.

This is an archive article published 04/25/2017. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Are small dimensions of tools advantageous? Probably with a small wrench we won´t be able to loosen a big screw – for this we naturally need to have sufficient arm to gain high torque. However at hand tools, like accu screwdriver we usually aren´t limited by a torque of our hand but of a given tool. Even in this segment there´s a big advance and in many cases the “strength” of accu tools significantly exceeds the need for a torque. In praxis we meet far more frequently cases, that a power of tools is far sufficient and other parameters are more important. For example a construction length, weight and ergonomics.

Did you ever want to drill or screw in a corner of an installation box or between two panels of a device and you found out, that a tool simply can´t fit in? Or you have a full bag of various tools and the last thing you need is to add there a big and heavy accu screwdriver (yes powerful and “profi” but simply uselessly bulky...)? Or you need to fasten the device into a higher height or over head? If you ever had a chance to compare several types of such tools, probably you´ll agree, that for a vast majority of works in electronics you don´t need a big “hammer” but rather a smaller and lighter but still sufficiently powerful type.

The drilling screwdriver Bosch GSR 10,8-2-Li (GSR 12V-15 i-Boxx72) belongs exactly into this category. We bring it to you in a price-advantageous set with two batteries (2.0 Ah), set of drills and bits and all this in two variants:

1)in a handful bag


2) in a rigid plastic box (GSR 12V-15 i-Boxx72)

Besides a "package" the content of both sets is the same.
Two batteries together with a fast charger ensure, that you´ll always have a charged battery at your hands.

A big advantage is a two-gear gearbox enabling fast drilling as well as to reach a high torque or to precisely tighten a screw.

Moreover, company Bosch already provides extended 3-year warranty for their professional range products (registration on Bosch website is required). In case of interest, please contact us at

Main advantages:
• Type of battery: Li-Ion
• Torque, max. (hard/ soft): 30 / 15 Nm
• RPM (1/ 2.): 0 – 400 / 1.300 min-1
• Diameter range, min/max: 1 / 10 mm
• Weight with battery: 0,95 kg
• Charging time cca.: 30 min
• Length: 169.0 mm
• Max. D, drilling of wood: 19 mm
• Max. D, drilling of steel: 10 mm
• Max. D of screws: 7 mm

Scope of delivery:
• GSR 10,8-2-LI Professional
• 2 Li-Ion batteries 2,0 Ah (1 600 Z00 02X)
• Fast charger AL 1130 CV (2 607 225 134)
• Set of drills and bits
• Bag or plastic box depending on selected version

Main advantages:

  • The shortest in its class (169 mm) for optimum manipulation
  • Professional power: 2-gear gearbox
  • Electronic cell protection
  • Practical battery indicator with three LEDs
  • Integrated LED illumination
  • Motor brake for a precise work

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