FUN but REAL: Fundamentals of Newton‘s physics in ruins

Scientists helpless – engineers laughing. Some of our SOS electronic customers performed a feat of derring-do. They connected a connector with height of 9,32mm (RJ45 plug) to a printed circuit board with construction height of 7,75mm.

This is an archive article published 02/12/2016. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Where did those mysterious 1.57 mm disappear? We know the answer

It’s easy – we’re in negative dimensions Join those who defeated physics – use it in your device too: RS3-21001D1A.

There are many devices that we connect to Ethernet with standard connector RJ45. And thanks to IoT the number is increasing. Many times its just simple small boxes and if we didn’t have that RJ45 that determines the construction height of the PCB, they would be even smaller. We bring you a simple solution – because brilliant solutions are simple.

RS3-21001D1A is a standard modular jack 8P8C with integrated transformators and two LEDs. But! It is so-called recessed version:

Characteristics / advantages:

●RJ45 1x1 Tab Up

●T/H, Slim, Sink

●10/100 Base-T

●LED L: Green, LED R: Yellow

●Construction height above PCB: 7,75mm (in comparison with standard 13,5mm resp. 11,5mm for Low Profile versions)

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Do you want to get to student´s books of physics?

Competition with the following question has been published here:

You have a 11.5mm high connector. How high distance shaft must be used beneath the connector to reach overall construction height of 7.75mm?

The correct answer was: -3,75mm :-)
We have drawn the following winners:
Mihaela Ardelean [DE]
Gábor Bozsó [HU]
Zoltán Jánosy [HU]
István Renner [HU]
Pavel Kopřiva [CZ]
Congratulations to winners. We´ll inform them by e-mail.

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RS3-21001D1A UDE  

Modular Jack RJ45 w/Magnet. 100 Base-T, Board Edge, Cutout, Through Hole

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