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Save your time – order directly from the offer in e-shop

We have introduced something new to our e-shop – possibility to order from the provided price offer. You can select which items from the offer you want to order and place the order within just a few clicks.

Your offers are divided into two parts – current offers and offers archive.

Current offers

All offers sent via email are visible in your account after log in with price, delivery lead times and any note from our supplier. Apart from this, additional information such as transport, payment method, delivery address, who created price offer and also who requested it can be found there. Offer is valid for 7 days unless specified differently.

Offers archive

Offers after expiration are automatically moved into Offers archive. It provides offers older than 7 days. Moreover, you can also search for offers created within last 2 years.

Immediate order option

If you are interested in price offer, you can order products immediately. There’s a check box on the left for each item. It means that you don’t have to order all items; you can also order just one item from the offer. Continue with the order recap (similar to classic e-shop shopping cart) where you will see just those items you were interested in. Now, all you need to do is confirm the order.

Additional information on price offers

Price offer export to XLS
If you need to process the price offer firstly and don’t want to copy-paste item by item, use the option to export the offer to XLS format. This way, you can easily get into your information system.

Faster processing of your order
If you order products from the price offer via web, your request gets into our system within just 1 minute. This removes the downtime that can be caused when your email is read later.

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