SOS electronic HU after 20 years

SOS electronic Hungary is the 'youngest sister' of SOS electronic europe group. It was founded on 18th June 2002 in Miskolc.

This is an archive article published 06/20/2011. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
SOS electronic HU after 20 years
We started in small spaces with its own stock and one sales representative. So,as gradually increased number of our customers who cooperate with us til nowdays, so it was increasing the number of new colleagues. Now there are 8 people working in our Hungarian branch, which take care about our customers, provide them beyond the usual customer service also superior technical support and other value-added services, which normally do not offer others distributors.

In 2008, we consolidated the our stocks from each country, including ours, Hungarian. This merger enabled to purchase parts under better conditions and positively affect the quality of customer service, without the changes in speed of components delivery. The delivery time of stock items is on the second day after order receiving.

Počas 9-tich rokov pôsobenia na maďarskom trhu sme sa stali významnými partnermi pre mnoho firiem ( v súčasnosti máme okolo 9000 zákazníkov), sme oficiálnym distribútorom 12-tich renomovaných značiek, ako sú napr. FTDI, EUROCLAMP, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY, HAMMONND, MEC, MEDER, SENSIRION... Okrem toho máme nadštandardné vzťahy s ďalšími 30-timi výrobcami. Vydávame katalóg v maďarskom jazyku a ako jediný maďarský distribútor máme vlastný časopis SOS electronic news, ktorý rozosielame zadarmo všetkým našim pravidelným zákazníkom. During the 9-years long activity on the Hungarian market, we have become important partner for many companies (we currently have around 9000 customers), we are an official distributor of the 12 prestigious brands, such as FTDI EUROCLAMP, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY, HAMMONND, MEC, Meder, SENSIRION and so. In addition, we have premium relations with other 30 manufacturers. We issue a Hungarian Catalog and as the only one Hungarian distributor, we regulary issue our own magazine SOS electronic news, which is sent out for free to all our regular customers.

Our aim is to constantly improve and be a good and reliable partner for our customers.

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