Market changes? Expect allocation!

The impact of Covid-19 in 2020 on various business sectors has been extremely severe. Companies had to adapt to the new reality during the economic turmoil, and thus the GDP growth in virtually all economies fell sharply. With the pandemic at its peak, we continue to face changes in the electronics supply chain also in 2021.

Higher demand for consumer electronics, smartphones, increased demand in the global 5G sector, the Internet of Things, major changes in the automotive industry (increased production of electric and autonomous vehicles). All these changes, combined with the freezing of the economy in 2020, are causing much higher demand for electronic components.
Allocation reports are appearing more and more frequently. For those of you who have not yet had experience with allocation, this is a situation where the demand for the product exceeds the available production capacity.

The result of the allocation is extended delivery times, which is reflected in problems with the availability of components, rising prices, increased shipping fees and the need to look for components on the open market.

Therefore, we recommend scheduling your orders at least six months in advance to minimize these risks. Similar situations in our environment happen quite often and, as during previous allocations, our effort will be to ensure a smooth supply of components for you.

At SOS electronic, we monitor the situation and communicate with our partners much more often. We try to add problematic components, for which there is a presumption of extension of deadlines or the allocation itself, to the warehouse in increased quantities. We will also inform you about the information found through our website or through our colleagues.

If you have any questions regarding the allocation, your orders or delivery dates, please contact the sales department by phone or email

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