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How to request a quote from us? The fastest way – online.


Do you want to know the price and delivery time for a larger quantity than we usually have in stock? Or did you not find a price on our website? Request a quote directly from our site.

We prepare price offers for our customers quite often. The price request can be sent via email, or you can call us. Or you can do it quickly on our web using the “Price Request” function.

How to add the product to the request?

Adding items to your request is very similar to adding them to a classic shopping cart. For each item on our website, you will find a calculator icon and the text "Get Quote". After clicking on it, enter the quantity, you are interested in, and the item will be added to your Request shopping cart.

Do this for all the products you are interested in. If you do not find the product on our website at all, it does not mean that we are unable to provide it for you. We can offer more than what is published on the web. Enter the name of the desired product manually, add the manufacturer and quantity required. We will be happy to check such item with our suppliers.

How to complete the request?

Once all the products are added, you need to complete the request - fill in your contact details (if you are logged in, they will be filled in automatically) or mark your application with your own label for easier identification. If needed, you can leave us a comment in the note. And then send your request.

What’s the status of your request?

You can check the status of your request in our e-shop. It can be in one of these three stages:

• Offer is being prepared
• Offer is ready and can be viewed (and in case of interest, you can also place an order from there)
• Requests archive – list of offers that have been prepared in the past

For the sake of completeness, please note that this list contains all the quotations, including those you have requested by phone or email.

Finally, here are two more practical features that might be quite handy:

• You can search through the archive of offers - by product name or order number
• You can create a new request from the archive menu - for the same items and quantity

We look forward to your requests :-)

We believe that this information will make your work on our site a little bit easier. We will be happy to respond to your comments and suggestions at

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