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Recommendation for related products

We want to be helpful with all your projects. In addition to our qualified salesmen who can recommend products you might need, we also try to help via our e-shop. For example, if you are interested in a multimeter, we will offer you suitable measuring tips and probes.

We are showing you the related products for a few years already on the “product detail” page. It is located at the bottom of the page. See for example our offer for NB-IoT module Quectel BC66.

From now on, we will also show them when you put the product into your cart. Or when you requested a price offer for this product. Related products will be shown at the bottom of the page so they will not be the focus of attention. Nevertheless, we hope that you will benefit from these offers.

What products can you expect in our recommendations?

For example, for the above-mentioned GSM module, it is:

  • power adapter
  • antenna
  • suitable development kit
  • SIM or memory card connectors

For Raspberry, it is:

  • enclosure
  • power adapter
  • camera
  • display
  • memory card
  • various connecting cords

Well, and for oscilloscopes and multimeters it will typically be:

  • measuring tips
  • probes

We believe that this enhancement will make your work more enjoyable and you will find the desired product even faster and more comfortable. We will be happy to answer your comments and suggestions at

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