We support your ideas and projects

We at SOS understand that human progress depends on the emerging talents. After all, what can force a company forward faster than the “dissatisfaction” of young and talented people?

This is an archive article published 06/18/2013. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

We grew thanks to you and that’s why we have decided to support the potential of young developers on their way to complete their ideas and projects so they have reliable and strong partner on their side.

Latest projects we have supported:

    1. HUB electric motor
    One-way synchronous electromotor with a rotating tyre and electronically controlled commutation located directly in a wheel. From its nature, this motor has a low count of rotating parts. Besides, it also has very good possibilities of control and dynamic timing.
    We have supported this project by supplying the electronic components. More information about project can be found at www.hubmotor.sk/index_en.html

    We support your ideas and projects
    We support your ideas and projects

    2. Altrace
    Hungarian college students regularly participate in electronic cars construction competition. We have also supported this project by providing components for the construction of this car. www.youtube.com

    3. Detection of solar eruptions based on the observation of sudden ionospheric disturbances
    This project has been presented at the international GENIUS Olympiad in 2012 in New York. The aim of the research is to monitor the occurrence of solar eruptions with the help of disturbances in ionosphere. Building a GPS receiver which transfers the signal to the computer and scans the quality of received signal on the basis of solar eruptions database and later the database on the quality of GPS signal which tests the connections between these phenomena. The conclusions should demonstrate that the solar activity affects the quality of GPS signal.
    This project has been supported by delivering the Quectel L10 development kit. More information about project can be found at www.geniusolympiad.org

    4. Best electronic product competition
    Svetelektro.com portal in cooperation with our company have prepared the second round of Best electronic product competition. The aim is to support talents in Slovakia and Czech Republic. In this competition, we have supported 3 best projects:

    1. place - Dual regulated power supply 2x 0-24V 2x 0-5A
    We support your ideas and projects
    2. place - Adaptive PID controller
    We support your ideas and projects
    3. place - semi automatic robotic chassis
    We support your ideas and projects
Do you also have a project that you think is unique? Tell us about it and we will be glad to help you: marketing@soselectronic.com

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