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DVi, HDMi, USB, ethernet ... they all need an ESD protection

Monolithic component DVIULC6-4SC6 for an ESD protection of high speed signals is a guarantee of a high reliability and a long lifetime of devices, especially in an industrial environment.

You may have already had a device, which stopped functioning without an apparent cause, or even worse – it started functioning with unaccountable dropouts. The reason may have be very probably a damage by an electrostatic energy. Consequences of such a damage are always unpleasant and often hard to detect. In the most of cases it would be sufficient, if the device contained components of an ESD protection. Price of these components is a fraction of the price in comparison to potential damages, which an ESD (electrostatic discharge) can cause. For an efficient protection against a static energy it is usually necessary to meet two requirements: to use suitable protective components and also to carefully design a PCB with minimalization of parasitic inductancies.

DVIULC6-4SC6 is a modern component from ST Microelectronics intended for an ESD protection of a wide variety of high-speed lines like DVI, HDMI, IEEE1394, USB, ethernet, video lines and SIM cards in communication devices. In a miniature SOT23-6L SMT package it is able to protect 4 independent signals and also to protect power supply (Vbus/GND) thanks to an integrated transil. With an ultra-low 0.6 pF capacitance and an excellent capacitance matching to gnd, as well as between lines, ensures high level of signal integrity and enables troublefree protection of pair signals without asymmetric distortion up to 1.65 Gbit/sec speeds. DVIULC6-4SC6 represents an integrated monolithic solution with a high reliability, ensuring compliancy with existing ESD standards on the device level, hence greater immunity at a system level.

Detailed description will provide you the DVIULC6-4SC6 datasheet.

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Advantages / Features:

  • ESD protection of 4 lines
  • complies with IEC61000-4-2 level 4
  • able to protect a power line (Vbus)
  • ultra-low capacitancy 0.6pF/865 MHz
  • high data integrity, usable up to 1.65Gbit/sec
  • fast response
  • SOT23-6L SMT package
  • higher reliability thanks to a monolithic integration

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ESD protection for SIM, USB, IEEE, HDMI 80W Vbr=6V SOT23-6L

More info: dviulc6-4sc6.pdf

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